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February 15 2008

Jenny Mollen, aka Nina the Werewolf, is *not* pregnant. What do you call a baby werewolf anyways? ETA: A clarification - Simon.

a pup or a whelp, same as you call a wolf or other canine.
A werewolf...ling?

Congrats, Jenny!

Hmm. And Kali is pregnant, too. So a vengeance demon baby & a werepuppy...and isn't Elizabeth Rohm pregnant, too?
A werecub?
Just re-watched Smile Time yesterday, what a fun episode.

...and isn't Elizabeth Rohm pregnant, too?

Well, she better be or all the teasing she was getting from Nicky and Nathan was uncalled for ;)

And isn't a baby werewolf, just a baby werewolf? Does everything need labels! *blink* But I do like werecub/pup and wolfling *g*
Aw congrats to Ms Mollen and Mr Biggs, best wishes ;).

Re: baby werewolf, it's the 'were' part that needs changing, that meant 'man' in old English. Bearnwolf or cildwolf make sense (you could change the wolf to cub but that seems a bit redundant maybe ? Child-cub feels a bit like 'young youth' ;).

Technically, I guess Nina herself would be a 'wyfwolf' by that reasoning.

(I do like werepuppy though)

Does everything need labels!

Of course, that's how we kid ourselves into thinking we actually have any control over the world ;).
But what do you call a baby lycanthrope while it is both nursing and teething?
"What do you call a baby werewolf anyways?"


Then you spoil it with kisses and large vats of raw meat.
Congrats, Jenny!
But what do you call a baby lycanthrope while it is both nursing and teething?

Don't waste time calling the baby anything, just call an ambulance ;).
I tend to agree with Mirage, as illustrated in "Phases" when Oz asks his Aunt if his baby cousin is a werewolf. ;)
I really like werecub and werepuppy. I need to use these words, and regularly.

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UnpluggedCrazy I have another for you - Werebeagle.

I swear I'm not making this up! You must read Spider Robinson's "Lady Slings the Booze." I don't want to give anything away, but...werebeagle. It's rather hilarious. (Actually, the whole Callahan series is. A bit...bawdy at times - Lady Sally McGee runs a bordello. But if you're not a fan of puns you might want to hold your breath while reading.)
After some of the comments I think I would bottle feed a werepuppy.

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What would happen if a werewolf married a werepanther or a weretiger and they had children? WOuld they be were-miacids of soem kind?*

Congratulations Jenny and spousal unit.

*(Admittedly in my ficverse Oz is married to a werepanther who's about Dawn's age but as of 2026 they're still happily childless.
We got an email from the webmistress of saying:

Jenny is not pregnant, and is keen to scotch these rumors as quickly as possible. I can only think that people have made this determination based on her recently announced engagement to Jason Biggs. However, Jenny and Jason are not expecting an addition to their family at this time. I know Jenny would appreciate it if a moderator's comment or short statement could be placed to that effect.

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