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February 15 2008

Full steam ahead for Dollhouse. The chairman of 20th Century Fox Television tells the L.A. Times that Joss is "now busy writing both the pilot script and scenes for auditions".

Excellent! I'm glad the strike didn't do anything but delay Dollhouse. Hopefully, anyway.

I wish I could audition...
Link doesn't work for me, just leads to a sign up page. Does the LA Times do weird stuff with cookies or whatever ? Had this before.

Still, great news.
Link didn't work for me either, so i grabbed it from Google.

Link :)
Link doesn't work for me, just leads to a sign up page. Does the LA Times do weird stuff with cookies or whatever ? Had this before.

Fixed Link
This is excellent news. I was worried we would have to wait a long time for production to start. Just knowing that he's working on it and it could be on our screens before too long gives me such a giddy feeling.

Can't wait.
Thanks for the links Nickseng and mak ;).

Wow, sounds like a bit of a mad scramble, hopefully we won't miss too many brilliant shows just because the pilot was delivered a day or two later than others.

Still, the stuff about Chuck Lorre's staff of two hundred people across two shows just demonstrates how many folk were affected by the strike. Fingers crossed the studios see sense and make an effort to negotiate a decent deal with SAG, otherwise the whole thing starts again in 4 months.
WooHoo, very good news indeed - I'm sure Joss & Co. will be making it happen without any delay now.

Look forward to seeing what it will be like.
Do The Dance Of Joy!
Cheers for the link mak. I would imagine that the casting sides will appear soonish so spoilers for the pilot and subsequent episodes may be out within the next few weeks.
Very exciting. Thanks for the link!
An "I Dream of Jeannie" movie"? Really. Did we learn nothing from "Bewitched?

C'mon, Dollhouse! I'm ready to be disturbed.
I am loving that, with 'Dollhouse' the only NEW TV project mentioned, there's a buzz for this already.
Could it be that the word is catching on so soon?!

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So are we expecting it to run this season? Or September/October time?
If by this season you mean starting before May Vortigun (the end of the 'traditional' season) then i'd be absolutely amazed. Joss hasn't even written the pilot yet nevermind picked a cast.

If we're lucky, it'll gear up over the spring/summer and get started for the autumn and so appear in the 08/09 season. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually appeared mid-season though (i.e. January '09 ish).

(the 7 episode deal is a boon though in the sense that he won't have to make the pilot and then wait to hear if the show's greenlit, he can just crack straight on with the next episodes)
Exciting to have a new Joss show, but...

WHY is Joss working for those f*%!&#@ again???
Is he looking to get canceled?

I love Joss' stuff more then effing gravy, but couldn't he find a more loyal network to call home?
These are all new f*%!&#@s though so they deserve a chance to prove themselves loyal or otherwise.

(in other words, pretty much all the people that abused 'Firefly' so badly have moved on)
lordsketch, Eliza's development contract is with FOX. So no.

Although in fairness to FOX, they do have some decent people in drama development - when we did the Drive site they appeared. Not too sure about the scheduling still, heh.

FOX originally wanted a Fall premiere for DH, although it's possible it could slip to January - depends how long casting and the like takes, and if they want to run it uninterrupted (that was the plan for Sarah Connor)
Yay! Glad to here things are starting to get going! :-D

Also, I can't wait until we get more cast members! I'm giddy!
I love Joss' stuff more then effing gravy, but couldn't he find a more loyal network to call home?

Cause realistically Fox is the only network that would give Joss a chance.
I never imagined it'd be so soon, now I'm really excited about this (even more so than before, when I wouldn't allow myself to hope). I just finished watching Buffy with my mum yesterday and she's rabidly excited about watching more Joss shows so this should please her too.
This is as early as a show would usually start up for fall season, isn't it? And if Fox likes what they see, they could go ahead and extend the episode order.
Yay yay yay. I've never really had the chance to be a Joss fan in real time. I caught the last three episodes of Buffy as they aired, and of course watched S5 of Angel, but I never really watched something from the ground floor all the way through as it happened. I'm so excited! :)
How wonderful to read the words "Whedon is now busy writing".
Great way to start the day.
Just adding my joy to the chorus. I feel optimistic about the upcoming SAG negotiations. The studios have had a taste of the solidarity between the two guilds as well as something really new, active support from fans, rather than "I'm pissed because I'm missing my favorite shows, go back to work already".

I'm very proud of our beloved writers right now, and proud to be a part of this fandom. We are mighty!!
I've been wishing we would hear from Joss on what he thinks about the strike resolution, but now I take my wishes back. Just finish Dollhouse on time, Joss! Can't wait.
Like swanjun, I've never had the chance to be a Joss (TV) fan in real time. Guess I have to abandon my commercial-free life now--Dollhouse will be the first show I've watched as it airs for many years.
Hmm, are those all new f*%!&#@s from Fox the same people, who canceled Drive after just 4 episodes? Because if yes, I donít really see much difference between them and those old f*%!&#@s who canned Firefly... :-/

But regardless, Iím just extremely glad that Joss (together with Eliza and Tim) is returning to the small screen with an all new show. Still better on Fox than not at all. ;-) Letís just hope that those new f*%!&#@ wonít break my heart again like the old ones...

And as for the premiere date Ė since there wonít be as many new shows to choose from like in the previous years + the fact that Fox committed to produce 7 episodes without even seeing the pilot, I think (and hope) that they will want to use it as one of itĎs main highlights for fall 08.
Kudos Joss! Nose to the grindstone and all that. Man, I love the smell of a Whedon show in the morning.
Hmm, are those all new f*%!&#@s from Fox the same people, who canceled Drive after just 4 episodes?

Should they have given 'Drive' longer ? Maybe. The thing is though, despite what by all accounts was a pretty substantial promotional push, 'Drive's ratings started out not great and were (IIRC) trending downwards. AFAIK it wasn't messed about on the schedule, wasn't shown out of order and yet, for whatever reason, people didn't watch. Critical response wasn't overwhelmingly positive either (again, IIRC) and even on here opinions were pretty mixed.

Sometimes I think you have to look to the audience (or even the show itself) rather than just instantly blaming the network (which is emphatically not to say that Fox TV have been blameless in the past BTW, far from it).
Wasn't 'Drive' nominated for an Emmy?
swanjun's post could have been my own. I saw only a handful of Buffy episodes as aired. This will be exciting.

IIRC, Drive was nominated for an Emmy for sfx for the opening sequence of the pilot, with all the shifting from one car to another. If I'm wrong, I know others here will correct me.
Yep, for visual effects (along with 'The Path to 9/11' which also wasn't exactly a critical darling).

And sadly of course, quality and ratings success don't always go hand in hand so awards nominations (or even wins) aren't especially relevant.
Could not have asked for a better way to start the day for me after last night. Joss back on tv=coolness.
I missed a lot of Buffy when it originally aired. I'm looking forward to this. I expect a lot of writers are kind of exploding right now, given the long hiatus for creative minds is now over.
Wow. I'll actually be a part of this community while a current Whedon show is airing. I won't know what to do!

(This IS terrific news, and as Lioness said, a great way to start the day)!

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I expect a lot of writers are kind of exploding right now ...

Now that is an instant YouTube hit waiting to happen.
I can't wait to see this show! Hopefully with Michael Muhney in it.
Now that is an instant YouTube hit waiting to happen.

They're all too busy writing for such youtubery. :(
Yay, I'm so excited! I hope the casting sides will be out soon.
Having gone around for so long unabe to write, I bet his head is bursting with ideas just dying to get out. He probably set off like a rocket, and the scripts will be covered in awesomesauce! :D

*does dance of Joss*
Dream Cast:

Eliza Dushku
Tom Lenk
Adam Busch
James Marsters
(Mayor Wilkins)
Amy Acker
Anthony Head
With Nathan Fillion
and Katee Sachoff (Starbuck, BSG)
It's Sackhoff. Maybe it's just me, but I don't want to see all these familiar faces in Dollhouse. Other than Eliza, the only one I would absolutely wish for is Alexis.
I'm most curious about how many of the seven scripts Joss will write himself and who the other writers will be.
Drive was nominated for an Emmy for sfx for the opening sequence of the pilot, with all the shifting from one car to another.

Except that technically what got nominated is the full three-minute sequence which never actually aired on TV, instead being streamed on its own on FOX's website, and so was nominated under effects for "miniseries, movies and specials", not for a series.
It seems to bit premature to be discussing dreams casts when we don't know anything about the characters. Nathan Fillion might end having to play a 90-year-old spinster, who spends her time looking after a gaggle of cats.

The best cast to suit the characters is my hope.
No SNT, it isn't just you, I felt the same way.

Welcome back by the way, we've missed you!

Now, what is bix going on about?
I, too, would like some new talent... but I'd also like to see some familiar faces in guest spots. (Richard Brooks, perhaps?) After all, there are hat-trick streaks that need to be continued.
To all those asking why Joss would work with those "expletive deleted" people again - Please please please remember the it isn't 20thC Fox Television that mistreated Firefly - it was the Fox network.

20thC produces programs that may be picked up by Fox or other networks. If I recall correctly, Joss has said he has no problem with 20thC.
True but it is showing on the Fox network Znachki, though as you say 20th Century Fox and Fox TV are diferent entities (and he's never had any major problems with 20th Century Fox, AFAIK).

I've been assuming people know that (and the difference) but I guess that's not always a safe assumption.
SNT, it isn't just you. There was special alchemy going on with Joss' other shows. I fear trying to recreate that just because, would be disastrous.
Ooh, Alexis would be great. We never get to see him anymore. But I agree, while I'd love to see some of "our people" again, I wouldn't want to overdo it. I don't think Joss would anyway. After all, he gave us the brand new fantastic cast of Firefly. So whoever he casts will be great, and I can't wait.

If Fox is willing to give Joss a chance, I'm willing to give them a chance. It's all a bit of a crapshoot anyway.
I think Woodward and Jacott are obvious guest stars. I agree that not too many of the same actors is a good thing. Joss has a way of finding the right actor for the role, so I'm good with who he chooses.

And agreed also that Alexis would be the best choice if a 'verse actor got to return. Not only has he been missing from regular work for too long, but his arc as Wesley is my favorite in the Buffyverse. Not a small part of that is the way he played the part.
I have faith that Joss and people he entrusts will be very good at hiring the right actors for the stories to come. Just look at what he's already done if you need a reminder. ;)
I'm hoping for a lot of unfamiliar faces in the cast. Joss has such a knack for finding the good ones. And I am with pointy, it is even more exciting to see who the writers are going to be.
Yep new faces please with some old familiars interspersed in guest spots. Think what we'd have missed out on if Joss had cast people we already knew for 'Firefly'.

Aside from the usual ME suspects, i'd love to see Brian K Vaughan write one. And, depending on what Joss has been smoking, maybe Warren Ellis ;).
Now, what is bix going on about?

I was explaining Drive's Emmy nomination.

And now y'all have me daydreaming of an Eliza/Alexis reunion.
Saje! Ellis would be my dream writer. Talk about morally grey. :)
I'm almost certain we won't have Fillion and friends showing up every four seconds; this is not a party at Joss' house.
Happiness happiness joyjoyjoyjoyjoy yey and woo!

How happy are we all right now? :o)
I would love to see Woodward as a regular. He's such a good actor, and seems to me to be criminally underused. Presumably there are male Dolls as well as female. If I were hiring someone for a fantasy escapade he'd be at the top of my list (after Viggo Mortensen of course).
Definitely the familiar faces that I'm hoping for would in the writing staff. However, I'm not sure how much of that will happen now since a lot of old Mutant Enemy writers have gone to great heights on their own and might be too busy to do Dollhouse. Other than that, I'm hoping to see a new group of actors work with Joss. At the same time it would be great to see old cast members in guest spots for individual episodes.

Saje, Brian K Vaughan and Warren Ellis would definitely be cool to see them write an episode each. Also since they have both been involved in writing tv shows in the past, it's not that far of a stretch to seem them write an episode compared to perhaps other comic book writers.

Similar to others who have already posted, this is quite interesting to me to see a new Joss Whedon show develop from the start. As I got into Buffy on DVD as season 5 of Angel was ending and within a year watched all of Buffy, Firefly and Angel on DVD (season 5 of Angel was released on DVD just as I was finishing season 4).
I just want to know when something will appear at this link.
I've gotten more interested in the production side of things, so I wonder--are there ways to find out as, say, the writing staff are taken on? Who's doing the casting, etc.?
Glad news indeed! I'm so happy for Joss and for us.
Gossi - so, can we dreamcast the party at Joss' house in the mean time? ;)

Add my squee to the pool. I can't wait to watch a live episode and hurriedly rush here to see the response.
Guess "Ripper" is gonna be on the backburner a while longer, then.

No worries - I'd rather have something fresh from The Mind of Whedon. Plus? Much as I love Tony, I think "Ripper's" a bit past his prime.

Given how many Buffy guests have shown up on "House" it'd be kinda funny if "House" stars guested on Dollhouse. Hugh with his accent, perhaps?

I also would prefer a newbie cast - Eliza's the veteran, like David & Charisma were when "Angel" started, but I want to see chemistry develop between new folks. If this is going to be an ensemble cast, that is. We don't know that. It might just focus on Echo, and any interaction w/other dolls could be very limited.

I just wanna know when/where the casting calls are, and what I have to sacrifice to make it to one.
So the first one will be filmed in time to have it premier at this year's CSTS events, right? ;)
Plus? Much as I love Tony, I think "Ripper's" a bit past his prime.

Uh oh ;).

Ellis would be my dream writer. Talk about morally grey. :)

S'where he lives TamaraC ;).

And exactly Matt_Fabb, BKV was a film geek originally anyway so he's a natural fit (plus 'Lost' recently) and Ellis has already done his 'Dead Channel' pilot for cable. Course, i'm not exactly convinced US network prime-time TV is quite ready for him but you never know ;).
B!x - Yes, because Fox is so easy to work with regarding screening their shows in theaters. :)
I just want to know when something will appear at this link.

I'll raise you by saying that I want to know when something will appear at this link.
Yay, Joss is hard at work writing! This makes me very happy.

I have had the joy of seeing a Joss show from the ground up before, with Firefly. Ah, what a beautiful, wonderful, and ultimately heartbreaking journey that was.

Then again, I wasn't part of the online fan community back then, so this'll be a new experience for me too.
UnpluggedCrazy, batten down the hatches. It's a bumpy ride.
I've gotten more interested in the production side of things, so I wonder--are there ways to find out as, say, the writing staff are taken on? Who's doing the casting, etc.?

Read the Hollywood Reporter. Or Variety, if you can stand the way they write. :)
Samantha: Well, I've always been interested in foreign languages...
While I agree about the excitement for an all new cast, how cool would it be to have Eliza say to Alexis: "Behave yourself, or I'll take away your bucket."

Heh, but seriously folks, the Woodward suggestion really rocks, and if a few alumni get sprinkled in with the exciting new ensemble Joss'll put together, where's the harm?

As in Harmony.


... I've... gotta... thing...

Yay, I'm so happy. I can't wait to see this. *Does The Happy Dance.*
"Joss is now busy writing both the pilot script and scenes for auditions"

After a season of Dollhouse has aired, I would love to see the audition scenes Joss wrote for people to try out with. Is there anything like that available in print or online for Buffy, Angel, and Firefly ? Or were they simply specific scenes from the pilot scripts that ended up making it into the actual eps anyway ? Anyone know which scenes some of our favorite actors auditioned with ?
Nothing to add but joy for the writer's strike resolution and Joss writing again. I'm so very ready for a new world immersion into the Doll-verse. Go, you little red Jossmobile! I have such good tinglies about this show, and now that I know production is assured for at least seven episodes, the anticipation can begin.

On further reflection, I'd also like to third (or fourth, I lost count) the idea of AD on Dollhouse. Seriously, he's got to get out there and ply his craft again sometime. The rest of the cast can be newborn for all I care, trusting as I do that Joss will select them from the pool of talented unknowns with the same skillful, intuitive sensitivity he's always exhibited. But the truth is that I miss Alexis something fierce. Give that man a job!
Amy Acker and Vincent Kartheiser's audition scenes are in the region 2 Angel season 3 DVD set. I too would like to see everybody's...
Hey, Jane will be free after BSG, right? I wonder if Joss will have her write an episode or two? That would be so sweet!

And I would love to see Alexis in Dollhouse. He is just too talented not to be on my TV :)
I will now begin girding myself for the cries of "what? no [insert actor name here]?" when the casting is announced, in the spirit of the cries of "what? no [insert actor name here]?" when the Paley Center event was announced.
bix As long as you don't girdle yourself, everything is good. Unless, you know, you have to. In which case...

IMHO, Joss should not recast all of the "out of work" actors from his previous shows in his new one. If he wants to have a few of them drop by "for old time's sake" to make "special guest appearances" that's great. But it's a new show, it should be totally fresh.

And I don't mean that like the young'uns do. Or...maybe I do. IDK.
We love our 'oldies', but I'm looking forward to seeing some fresh meat in the Whedonverse. Joss seems to have the knack for finding amazingly talented people.
Personally, if I was an actor, I would jump in a most unseemly fashion at the chance to audition for this. You are virtually guaranteed decent scripts, HUGE world wide exposure, a built in fan base and the prospect of free trips around the world to star at the inevitable 'Dollhouse' conventions!
I agree that there should be new faces, but also that Alexis could be an exception. His American accent would go a long way toward erasing any Wesley associations from our brains, not to mention his immense talent.
Amy's and Vincent's screen test scenes are also on the region 1 version of the Angel season 3 set (unless I'm totally mixed up, and the North American version isn't "region 1" - or the US has a different version than Canada). Although, it occurs to me now that that isn't necessarily the same thing as the initial audition scene. Alan Tudyk's audition scene is available on the Firefly set - in fact, it appears to be a self-taped submission done from home.

While that scene is in the Firefly pilot, from what I've heard, it was a common practice to just make up some lines for casting these new parts, with a focus on the character, not any plot points which would actually be used on the shows. The Connor and Fred screen test scenes never remotely made it into "Angel", but do reflect the characters' traits and/or their relationships with others on the show. And I've heard accounts of the Dawn audition scene which Michelle Trachtenberg read being basically a bunch of lines which didn't mean anything thrown together. (I believe at least Joss and maybe Marti Noxon have described the casting.) What impressed them about Michelle was that she was able to take those lines and make them sound as though they did mean something.

And, oh yeah - YES, Dollhouse is still coming!! Soonish!!

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As much as I love the idea of some of our favorite Whedon stars being cast in this I'm anxious to see new people too! I'm thrilled that Joss gave us all new people for Firefly (with a few slight exceptions with people guesting on Buffy & Angel). I just love that entire cast and each and everyone one of them was cast perfectly for their roles! I have faith that whether he gives us all new actors or fills a couple of roles with some familiar faces that they will be perfect for their chosen role!

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