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February 15 2008

'How I Met Your Mother' missing from list of CBS renewals. "Sources" say it has a good chance of coming back, but...?

Neil Patrick Harris is co-hosting with Kelly (covering for Regis) this morning and he said they'll be back at work on HIMYM next week doing another episode (to be aired March 17th). He doesn't know if they will be continuing beyond that, the message he received was just about next week. Hopefully we'll hear about more soon.
Oh my... I never realized that CBS all by itself was to blame for such a big percentage of procedurals out there. 8 (or 9 if stretching the definition ever so slightly to include Dexter) freaking procedural on one single network. How could that be?!?!
AND... on top of that... There's something called the "Crimetime Saturday". Yikes! Never knew the C in CBS stood for "Crime"... Congratulations FOX, you're no longer my most hated US network...

And in order not to stray too much from topic... I... Ehhhh... Yeah, I don't follow HIMYM so I've got nothing. Just wish all the best for Aly...
Well, they better be allowed to finally show us who Ted eventually chose, or the whole reason for the show is gone.
Well, they better be allowed to finally show us who Ted eventually chose

The writers revealed it during the strike (dunno if it was in jest or not) but apparently it's .
Simon, they took that back according to Ausiello.
Simon I tend to think that was a big joke but that is just me.

And I am so pissed they did not get it an early pickup. They gave one to the Big Bang Theory....seriously??
I think that show is okay..I watch it after How I Met Your Mother...but HIMYM is 1000 times better, for serious.

HIMYM is the best comedy on TV right now...I am a huge Friends fan and I never thought anything would best it..and How I Met Your Mother did.
Not to mention that the "reveal" went against the episode in which the individual in question was featured.

I really hope this show is renewed. I absolutely love it. Not to mention that Alyson Hannigan has to be the only person on the planet who has both an actual husband and a TV husband that I wouldn't mind stealing (except for the fact that I love Aly, too!!!)
annosuperstar, I read that as well. That they will have 9 more this season. That does not mean they will get anymore next.

Nor does that mean we will find out who the mother is.

TaraMaclay I agree with you..hehehe
Her actual and TV Husbands are both so dreamy.
There is probably a timing difference between deciding to pick up a sister studio's product (like Big Bang Theory) and a product from another studio like 20th's How I Met Your Mother.

I would assume that would happen in a separate planning schedule so I am not surprised at all that HIMYM wasn't announced with the CBS studio shows.
I would guess they're waiting to see what kind of ratings it gets this spring. IIRC their ratings have been a little up and down, though they were doing great last fall before they ran out of episodes.
Looking over CBS's list I realized that HIMYM is the only CBS show I make plans to watch. Big Bang is growing on me, but missing an episode or two isn't a big deal. (Hmm, in fact, those are the only two CBS shows I watch at all these days.)
I have long said that the traditional single-camera sitcom is dead. "How I Met Your Mother" made me eat my words in a big way. If this show isn't renewed, it would be downright criminal. It is hands down, the best character driven comedy on network television.

...and I too would steal Aly's TV and real life hubbies. Though, the TV hubby more than the real hubby. I'm all about the Loch Ness love.
HIMYM isn't confirmed for a season next year? What? Really? That blows my mind. I agree, the best comedy on right now! I'm just so surprised. It's the only show on CBS that I watch.
I don't even own a TV and I want this back, mainly because I feel Hollywood owes it to the world to have ALy on screen.
Little late to the discussion but "coat check girl" was absolutely in jest. The all-knowing narrator specifically said she wasn't the mother. Everyone LOVED the coat check girl (played by Jayma Mays, Charlie on Heroes) and were annoyed that she was ruled out so quickly.

I am not OK with this show being canceled and plan to send in pineapples or something if it is. Go HIMYM, go! Everyone should watch these last 9 episodes, it's really fantastic and a boost in viewership would be great for pushing a renewal.

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