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February 15 2008

Robert Kral scores Batman. The Angel composer is confirmed as one of three people scoring segments for the forthcoming Batman: Gotham Knights animated project.

That's a good match. Not hard to imagine someone who can score for Angel switching over to compose for another dashing, tormented, morally ambiguous superhero.

Well done, Mister Kral.
Excellent, I liked a lot of his cues on 'Angel'. And El Forehead was pretty heavily influenced by Batman anyway, don't think any of the creators would have a problem admitting that.

Really looking forward to this. With Timm using a different cast to the "classic" DCAU projects i'd rather they go with a totally different look and feel and that's exactly what they've done with this anime anthology. Also, Brian Azzarello, Greg Rucka, Alan Burnett, David Goyer ... if those names on the "Written by" credits don't excite you, you're not a Batman fan. Fact ;).

(I was watching the sneak peek last night and some of the cityscapes are just amazing looking)
Where did you see the sneak peek, Saje?
Sneak peek ! Where !

Pleases and thank-yous.
That's a good fit indeed, and I look forward to epic action-y brooding animated Batman.
Do you remember 'Battle of the Planets' Craig Oxbrow ? There's a very Mark/Jason-ish take on Batman in one of the segments, looks pretty cool. G-Force ! ;)

Where did you see the sneak peek, Saje?

Well the linked page originally had a slightly lower quality version embedded though I see that's "no longer available". I got mine (in sparkly hi-res) through that other *cough* torrential *cough* source, as Ash might say "Shop nova, shop Mininova[.org]" (and then, as he almost definitely wouldn't say, search on "gotham knight" ;).

It's about ten minutes long with interview snippets with various DC folks (Dan Didio etc.) as well as (a slightly sunburnt looking ;) Bruce Timm wherein they talk about the new take on Bats and, as mentioned, there're showcases of some of the animation (including one tantalising bit of a very Miller/Dark Knight-ish looking Batman).

(I don't feel bad about it because i'll most definitely be buying the DVD)

ETA: It's actually on the "Justice League: New Frontier" DVD BTW if you're lucky enough to live in a region where that's already out.

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