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February 15 2008

(SPOILER) Five page preview of 'Serenity: Better Days' #1. Lovely to see the crew again. And in a related vein, if you want to know the inside story behind the cover for the third issue then click here.

Lookin' forward to it! (As a firefox user I can only see the thumbnails, but they're nice thumbnails) :)
I dunno. Driving a van seems a bit too close to this century for me to believe this is a 'Verse 500 years in the future.

The likenesses on the cover art is just terrible. Simon, River and Zoe look somewhat ok, but I've seen black and white art done in graphite that looks more like the characters than this color cover art does.
Looks like the preview pages can only be opened in Internet Explorer and not Firefox.

*dark scowl* It's 2008.

Driving a van seems a bit too close to this century for me to believe this is a 'Verse 500 years in the future.

It has extra wheels! It's a sp-van. Ok, more seriously-- is the trick to suspending disbelief mixing horses and spaceships, but not modern modes of transportation? Also, why am I surprised Simon is knowledgeable about art value?
Apparently my Mac can't open these. Oh well, more to look forward to when it actually comes out :-)
Shiny! Sitting here with a big grin on my face. The characters are so spot-on and as close to real as it can be. Simon in shades, prissing it over everybody is mega-hot. :) Jayne with an ashtray, Zoe's "Sir?" - classic. The only one who's a bit off on some panels is Mal.
I don't know, I don't even much care yet what they are doing there, it's just nice to see them back. :)
Apparently my Mac can't open these.

They can in Quicktime. The problem is they posted the images as freaking mpg files.
Way better opening than "Those Left Behind." This may convince me to buy each individual issue!
Huh. I can get them open in Opera. And NOTHING ever opens in Opera.

Anyway, I uploaded them to imageshack for the poor Firefox users (go ahead and delete my comment if you think it's not kosher)
I don't mind waiting until they can produce them in something usable by, y'know, the world. The thumbnails do look good though ;).

ETA: Or should I say, until EvilFirePixie8 can produce them, as if by magic. Cheers ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2008-02-15 20:59 ]
Thanks, EvilFireixie8. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to view em.
Mmmm! That was just yummy! Nothing like a taste when you know the whole thing is going to just blow your mind. Thanks for posting the links, EvilFirePixie8!
Yay! Thanks EvilFirePixie8 !
Looks great! :-D

But I wish we could see some Wash in them there preview pages.
No boat, no Wash.

You can't let your pilot kiss dirt too often, he might lose his sense of smell ;).
Yeah...doesn't he get land crazy if he's in port too long?
I can see them on a Mac in Firefox and Safari (and they appear to be jpgs).
Yeah, they've changed it to something vaguely sensible now moley75 (images in an image format, whodda thunk ?) - presumably someone pointed out that they were insane before with all their streaming nonsense (or maybe they lurk hereabouts ;).
Oh, squee.

Now I get three comic goodies each month. Will the zany coolness ever end? ;)

On a more coherent note, reading those first few pages reminds me of the feeling I got when I first opened up Buffy Season 8. Just like being back in front of the TV. :)
Nice, can't wait for it.
The art looks great, IMO. I didn't really read the dialogue. Will wait for the book.

Pre-ordered this series through my comic book shop.

The dialogue seems spot on. Maybe a bit more so than Those Left Behind.

leiasky said:

I dunno. Driving a van seems a bit too close to this century for me to believe this is a 'Verse 500 years in the future.

Well, considering that out on the rim, everybody looks like they're from the 19th century, and the first Mule was nothing more than a slightly glorified Gator... Makes complete sense to me. It's probably jarring just because most vehicles were saw were in scenes shot in space. And none of them were Eagle 5s. :)

[ edited by ShamelessSingingRennie on 2008-02-16 07:32 ]
'Caue, you know, horses are so futuristic :)
Well, yeah. If they're space horses.

I find the mule very plausible. Maybe because I miss driving something very much like it. I don't find a van implausible either. I think I would be more confused if the technology was only in extremes-- animal power on the border planets, spaceships and crazy technology on Alliance planets, nuthin' inbetween. Inbetween stuff like the flying mule from the movie though, that's extraspecialsweet futurtastic.

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