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"I watched 'Passions' with Spike. Let us never speak of it."
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February 16 2008

James Marsters' February Q&A. He talks about luck, Shakespeare and food.

"The truth hurts for 3 days. Lack of truth hurts your whole life". Brilliant.
"The truth hurts for 3 days. Lack of truth hurts your whole life". Brilliant.

madmolly | February 16, 23:18 CET

Yeah, that's from January. I loved that so much, I printed it out and put it on my bulletin board, to contemplate as I deal with my dysfunctional family. ;-)
Gorgeous, talented and brilliant. *sigh*
This guy obviously has so much more between the ears than the majority of television actors. That is his real sex appeal.

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Well said, baxter, couldn't have said it better myself. I just love him to pieces.
Ditto. I just love this man is all his wonderfulness (of mind & talent) and flaws. I mean, South Park? *shudder* I don't get blatant comedy, I like to some little effort for my laughs. Still love him (and my cousins) ;)
It's got its share of dick and fart jokes but 'South Park' is also sometimes pretty subtle and cutting satire IMO, horses/courses/drums/spice though, as usual ;).

Always worth reading what JM has to say, very sane fella. Reckon there should be a rule that there's (at least) one Shakespeare question every month because his answers are normally pretty insightful.
"I would be in a morgue if I would have come to LA straight from Juilliard. I would have made Lindsay Lohan look like Dakota Fanning" Well, that's honest!

But, I mean, Lenny Bruce? James is seven years younger than I am I think and I was 9 when Bruce died. what, did his parents have set of his record albums? (Did he even make any?)
Could well be that it was something as simple as "the records my parents had and I was first exposed to" because JM would've been about, what, 4 when Lenny Bruce died (IMDB has JM born in 1962) ?

Or maybe he was inspired to look out his stuff by the Dustin Hoffman film ? He'd have been (a bit) closer to the right age when that came out i.e. the age at which the romance of that sort of character/story (sticking it to The Man etc.) would have maximum impact.

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