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February 16 2008

Sean Maher's "Living Til The End" on Canadian TV. Canada's Superchannel is airing the indie movie...with an alternate ending?

Wow, I've never heard of this one... I'll have to rent it, since I don't have that channel. No extra minute for me. :(
ShamelessSingingRennie - I own this one, and it is a great story. Just doesn't fill the Firefly void, unfortunately...
Is the Superchannel the same thing as the TBS SuperStation ? 'Cause if so, they cut for content. I have no idea where "Living 'Til The End" falls on the PG to R scale, but if it has any swearing or nudity or extreme violence in's be cut for content. TBS castrates films to the point where they're sometimes unwatchable.

I was thinking about this film a few days ago. How much I loved the original trailer with the Seal song, some of the lines in it, that Sean was in it. I had fully intended on seeing this if it ever made it to a Toronto Film Festival, but it never did. Keep forgetting to check Blockbuster to see if they have it.

Nevermind, Superchannel's something completely different than the SuperStation. A new premium digital cable package with a new movie premiering every night, is what it is, complete with 6 channels, two of them in HD.

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