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February 17 2008

Reminder: Firefly Marathon in U.S. Feb 18th, on Sci/Fi. 11 Hours of 'verse-y goodness this President's Day, from 8am to 7pm EST. Break out the DVRs, tell your friends and the uninitiated, and throw a Shindig. We're overdue for this... :)

Excellent! And I'm home ALL day!
I'm so spoiled. Since I've had the DVD sets, I find it hard to enjoy the shows with commercials.
Well, not totally spoiled, as I obviously don't have TiVo or any of it's equivalents.
I find it hard to enjoy the shows with commercials.

The shows do have the great voice over at the start of each episode. Never understood why the DVD didn't have that.
The beauty of it being back on Television is that it's being watched by new people. The last Mini-Marathon (Four Hours) was at 11pm and ended at 3am. Yet the next few days, there were a lot of new faces on the Browncoat Boards, and not just at the one! :)

Also, Commercials seem to actually heighten the tension of some breaks in the Action. For the last Marathon, they showed the Pilot as two seperate Episodes, complete with Theme Music for each half. Interesting.... and Fun.

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Speaking of the DVD's....they are $17.99 this week at Target.
Totally offtopic, but seeing this reminded me that there is also a No Reservations marathon that I need to remind some friends about.
Darnit..I have too much work to do to sit down and watch
I'm going to be watching it in my office and since that's also the waiting area for our business there will be people besides me who will be seeing Firefly. :-)
I hope a few of them become intrigued and become fans.
At least they're actually showing them in sequence, including the unaired ones. SciFi hasn't always been the best about that. But basically the only thing the SciFi channel is good for these days is re-airing old series, their original movies are so bad, & the last good original series they had was The Dresden Files.

They used to at least have a decent mini-series on occasion ... Taken, and the one with Peter Kruase, The (Secret?) Room. It's depressing for a sci-fi fan.
But yay Firefly! Wish I knew someone "convertable", I've spent my 'you've really gotta watch this' currency and only come up with two new real fans.
If you want to Thank skiffy today, their address is .
IMO, it would be the polite, Browncoaty thing to do.
Well, it looks like they are skipping "Shindig", "Safe", "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Jaynestown". Boo! You can't have a Firefly Marathon without these eps.

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