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February 17 2008

Jewel Staite to get her own action figure. At the US Toy Fair this weekend, Diamond Select announced that Jewel's character on Stargate Atlantis will be coming out as an action figure in July. Pics of the toy can be found here and here.

I don't collect, and I've never watched Stargate, but it's a good sign that I could easily tell which one was Jewel. That's rare.
They're 7" scale so she won't fit in with the Serenity figures and statues, which is a shame.
Agreed CaptainB, although the figure makes her look slightly older IMO it's at least recognisable (they're all actually pretty good, the Carter and McKay ones especially).

Not my sort of thing really but nice to see them get it right.
I think the cool thing is that Jewel can finally say to Nathan something like I've got an action figure now too! And mine's ahhh...taller.
Those are pretty good. They captured Joe Flanigan's hair perfectly. :)
Doesn't it just make you want to pick it up and put her in your pocket?
I think they have a very good likeness to her - you'll never get hair right in rigid plastic but it captures her essence.

Now, where's the Kaylee, Inara, River action figures for Firefly?

Anyone know of Jewels reaction yet? :)
Zol I want a Kaywinnit Lee Frye and Escort set! Kaylee in her frou-frou gown and Mal with sword. 'course...Kaylee'd have to be by herself, 'cause...that gown's a might bit large around.

Still kicking myself for not buying the Mal figure when I had a chance - only three left on the hook, and my two friends each got one. Drat! Giles and Angel feel a bit outnumbered by Anya, Buffy, Willow and Tara. Mal and there's some interesting 'shipping.

Giles and Inara? Hmmm....I'll be in my bunk.
Sadly, I'm not impressed with Jewel's. Her nose is too narrow and her lips are wierd. She has such a refined, soft facial structure that the chiseled look of the figure just doesn't work.

IMO the best of the lot is Shepherd. His face shape is wrong, but at least they captured his expression perfectly. I only wish they'd gotten the Mal smirk down as well as they nailed Shepherd's.

McKay isn't half bad - not quite right, but recognizable. Beckett looks like Mark Shepherd.

Poplollies has the Mal Action figure for sale. I've bought Firefly tradings cards and stuff from them before.

Look at all the goodies. Have to win the lottery soon.
Not a bad sculpt. I think with a slight bit of green stuff, a lot of re-painting and a little smudge on her cheek to simulate some engine grease, a workable (if over sized) Kaylee can be made.
Hey guys! I work for DST so I can say with extreme confidence that a couple of tweaks will still be made before the Dr Keller figure is in stores. Obviously the articulation has to be added, but the figure also still has to be approved by MGM. Thanks for the kind words though ;)

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