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February 18 2008

Summer Glau has a heart. No, really. These are fab pics.

Nice. She looks chilly.

Doesn't it look like someone Photoshopped the site's image of Summer from the SMG Entertainment Weekly photoshoot that announced the end of Buffy? Same pose and jacket, just with a teee shirt and Summer's head. I'm convinced it's really just a Terminator promo shot I've never seen before, though.
Aww, tin-heart for a tin-girl ;).

The one where they both break up is cute as a button.
for any of you wondering what the hell this is about... in australia, the sarah connor chronicles is airing on our network nine, and their big promotion push this year is under the tagline of 'we love tv'... and so it's all their shows stars holding hearts... it's not as tacky as it sounds!
I've seen a bunch of TV ads and newspaper articles in preparation for the UK launch on Thursday but unfortunately no sign of Summer herself.
Wow, thanks aapac. I really just thought it was a play on the episode where Sarah alludes to Cameron as the Tin Man, and they talk about Wizard of Oz.

Also, it plays into my robot love ship, so I'm cool with it, all around.
Ah yeah forgot 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' starts on Virgin1 on Thursday Derf, thanks for the heads up.

There's a (slightly morbid IMO) promo game here where you can set a (virtual - or is it ? ;) Terminator on a friend. Not sure if it's open to non-UK users though.
I was about to post something about Cameron and the tin heart but of course it is a network promo.

But I can report that yes the promo game appears open to non-UK users.
Aw, I like the "they told me Australia was hot" expression on her face in the first pic.
The channel 9 promo song literally gives me nightmares. It sounds threatening to me. 'You better smiiiiiile...'. What are you going to do to us if we don't? Does it involve Eddie Macguire and torture?

Maybe it will be bearable now that Summer and Thomas are involved in the promo. Looks like they were made to freeze their bums off though. Obviously channel 9 has a lot of integrity like that. I mean, look how long they've kept Richard Wilkins employed (he's eviler than the Sunnydale High version and has crappier hair).
Ok, did anyone else immediately think Summer and Eliza should be cast as sisters in something?

Ok, just me then...

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