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February 18 2008

Sneak peak at Electric Tiki's 'Vengeance Willow'. Our favourite witch gets all tooned up.

Very cute! I'm sort of overjoyed that someone chose a Willow moment that isnt Dark Willow or Vamp Willow!

Now... to actually aquire such things I cant afford, I go to drop hints everywhere for my birthday tomorrow...
Really endearing looking (I'm trying to avoid the word cute), and it's definitely and iconic moment for Willow, that's seems not as noticeable against Dark Willow or Vamp Willow.
Oh I love it!... and I really love vengeance willow.
Very, very awesome. Quite a bit better than the Buffy statue, actually.
Mmmmm...nummy calves.
Adorable! I want it!
That is great, but why are the eyes green? They should be black.
Still, if it's affordable I'll buy it.
"What's that? Bag of tricks?"

"Bag of knives."

Now, if this had come out from DST, I'd woulda jumped on it. Sigh. I love my Dopplegangland Will, don't get me wrong. It's just sometimes the outfit limits what I can do w/her set-up-wise.

I still want a Ripper, gorramit.
to quote Paris Hilton, and not that i EVER want to quote Paris Hilton but... that's hot. I love these and the Glory and Caleb mock ups look awesome!!
As a long-time animation fan, these statues are very cool. I like this one better than the Buffy one. I hope they eventually do the whole cast. Especially a OMWF "Under Your Spell" Tara, and a non-vampy Spike.

But that's just me.

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This is pretty cool - waaaay cooler3 than perky Buffy. I agree that her eyes would have been much better with the all-pupil darkness that is the Pissed-Off Magicky Willow, but other than that - a fine moment and a fine job.
Oh, I'm smitten. I think she's marvelous!
I like my figures to look like the actors. Don't care for this line at all.
These are awesome! I can't wait for the Buffy one to arrive. Now that I see the alternate versions of Buffy, I would probably have preferred the season 7 Buffy with the scythe, but the OMWF red one is cute too. This Willow one rocks!
Still, I'm waiting for SSC to give us something, anything with Anja.

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