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February 18 2008

Seth Green "offered his services" to Joss for Dollhouse? So says The Courier-Mail out of Australia. It's entirely unclear if this simply is at the same level as Michael Muhney saying he'd love to be involved.

``But I'm sure if I was taller, more handsome, looked like Russell Crowe and dated famous women I'd be around more.''

Seth made his name in the hit US television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has already offered his services to director Joss Whedon's new series Dollhouse.

Um, what to say to both these things. 1. I think you are way hotter than Russell Crowe!!! And famous women are trouble… *wink* 2. Go for it, Seth! Joss, if this is real, do it. You got to do it. Take what the dude is offering ;)

Whenever I hear ‘Austin Powers’ is what Seth is most known to I wince. Oz ruled. Oz should rule again *checks when next issue is coming out* And Seth Green should so 'offer his services' *leers and giggles* to writer/director/creator of fandom Joss Whedon. Why wouldn’t he?

*taps foot* I’m waiting. Is it out yet?
*spreads I Can't Believe It's Not Buffy on his toast*

Lots of reunioning happening thing-things. I wonder-wonder who'll turn up next from Joss' rolodex. Shine on, brotha'!

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I very rarely hear Seth refered to as a ex-Buffy star. Whenever he is on talk shows I NEVER here him introduced as such, or hear him asked about it. He is widely known as 'Scott Evil' though.

He was, of course, GREAT in both roles.
Seth and Alexis would be a good pairing. The Dolls must have behind the scenes handlers for their missions. It's conjecture at this point but Seth seems to like to do a variety of projects. Who knows if he'd want a regular gig again.
Who says the dolls have to be female? I've not been lovin' all the Dollhouse casting stuff, I'll be honest. But Seth and Alexis are criminally under used.

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I had a dream about Spike and Oz. Just standing there. They did nothing. I theorized later that the reason was because they had all but one scene together (that’s right, right? *been a while* In The Dark. And the only line they shared was a lonely “Spike”). That should be rectified. No one should have silent dreams, it’s freaky. I’m counting on a comic crossover *crosses fingers and watches out for those pesky lightings*

That or Eliza, Seth, Michael, Alexis AND James head off like a happy pretty talented family to a nice home called Dollhouse. Where there be dolls and houses and games… it'll be a jolly good time.

Did I mention I'm not excited? Whenever I get excited things usually don't pan out. So I’m not.
Guess I am totally out of line with the rest here, but I don't think to many "Buffy Stars" should appear on dollhouse. This kid needs to spread out his own wings, to take us higher. As much as I loved to see the buffy story continued, I hate the idea, that this new project is watered down into a nostalgic journey.
I hope for something new and rising.
I wouldn't mind seeing former Buffy stars make guest appearances after this show has found its footing, assuming that it makes it past a handful of episodes, but I, too, would not like to see the casting here reflect the other series. If there were a Buffy movie or an Angel movie or a Serenity sequel, I'd be there in a flash. But I love the success the other actors are having in other shows (although I would love to see Alexis get a good role, as he's someone who deserves to be seen more). And I think Dollhouse should introduce us to new people we can come to love as much as we do the others.
I think that Joss is known for involving friends from his old shows in parts on his new ones is good. It's not like he puts it above all other casting considerations, he still only does it if the part works for them and he doesn't shut new people out of consideration.

I certainly didn't find Firefly to be some continuation of Buffy or Angel just because it involved Nathan and Gina (I know Firefly came out first, but I saw it after Buffy ended, so I knew them first on Buffy and Angel).

So if there's a part for him I'm all for Seth being on Dollhouse, regular or recurring or even just a one-off.
Actually Joss re-uses actors less than other producer-directors. Look at Sorkin's shows or the number of times Tom Hanks has worked with Spielberg and Ron Howard. Joss does wonderful casting. If he uses the same actors a second time, it does not become a continuation of BtVS anymore than The West Wing was a continuation of Sports Night just because many of the actors from the later appeared on the former.

Dollhouse sounds like a show that could have a lot of recurring rather than regular characters. I would love to see some of the best actors from his former shows have something juicy to do on Dollhouse, along with new people. AD is certainly one that needs to be doing more. Seth Green playing a role or roles he would not normally get to play, could also be a lot of fun.

ETA: What if he were not just offering his acting talents?

Hey, mind out of the gutter! I meant what if he were offering writing and/or directing talents.

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Actually, if Seth played one of the "dolls," his versatility would be very helpful. That man can do so many different voices.

But yes, let's give some other actors a shot.
Not rain nor sleet nor snow, nor election hype nor the database being down, will keep us from speculating wildly about Dollhouse casting.

I do think Seth Green is awesome. Since I know nothing about these roles though, I'm content to not have favorite actors in mind. Also, I'm kinda lazy.
newcj, I almost went "there," with the services thing then pulled back on the reins. Guess we'll all just have to wait breathlessly for casting news.
I think Joss should reuse some of Rob Thomas' actors, actually, if he's not going to reuse his own. Bring on some Percy Daggs III as some high tech guy who troubleshoots programming the dolls, Michael Muhney could be a doll, Julie Gonzalo could be a doll.
Taye Diggs. I'm just sayin'.

Edit - this might seem off the wall but as far as high visibility actors go, I would love to see Jeff Goldblum on television again. I don't know how many of you watched his short-lived detective series, Raines, but he was awesome in it and had some emotional moments that took my breath away. He's one of the most, not only quirky, but intelligent actors around.

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Y'know, Leonard Roberts is off "Heroes", and I liked DL and Forrest both. He's pretty enough, isn't he?
Mirage, it's been a while for me too, but Spike helped rescue Oz in "New Moon Rising," and they shared the elevator ride. Otherwise, yeah, Oz was in scenes with Angel (obviously), and even Drusilla in the mall in "Innocence," but no Spike. Strange.

Jeff Goldblum? What a concept.

I wonder if Joss is going to go for male dolls or not--if this is a critical, feminist work, he might opt for a society where only women are "expected" to be this malleable. But I would love to see it cut both ways.

Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of male Companions in Firefly? I always sort of hoped that this would have been a subject of the series later in the game, to either a) explore Male Companions (perhaps they wouldn't be trained the same way, and might even have a different designation), or b) explore why there aren't male companions. There were boy-whores (Kaylee's words, not mine) in "Heart of Gold," but I got the impression that they were strictly for the "sly"--but of course that planet was sexist anyway.
A little off topic here, but I've always thought Seth was a major hottie. Just saying :)

Not sure if he would even have time for a regular cast member gig, but would love to see him in a reoccurring role kind of like how Badger on Firefly. Just randomly shows up, being like Angel's Whistler to Echo...that would be sweet.

And also, Seth is extremely talented, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was interested in writing/directing for Dollhouse. You never know.

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