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February 18 2008

Angel: After The Fall # 4 out this week (kinda). The latest Lying in the Gutter column says the issue "has been severely allocated to comic stores served by Diamond's Pittsburgh distribution centre." The good news is "more copies will be on their way".

I don't think I'll have trouble getting my copies.

I hope.
After the Fall #4 is indeed shipping this week according to Diamond's shipping list.

Some other BTVS-related items are also shipping (see the "MERCHANDISE" section in the above link).
Sorry, what exactly does this mean? It'll only be out in some places? And it's not actually "penned" by Joss, is it?
I have no idea what this means.
So, stores served by the Pittsburgh distribution centre are receiving very few copies for now . . . Anyone know which stores that is exactly?
They might as well have said "Blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah blah bliggity blah." What does this mean?
I hope nothing like that happens with my store in Baltimore.Something like this happened with issue 2 for me.My store eventually got their copies in but three weeks late.
Yeah, I'm counting on getting mine this week, since I won't be around next week.... But of course I'm no where near Pittsburgh so I'll just hope whatever the problems are they won't affect me (because naturally I only care about me!).
and scalp some Whedon fans

I resent that! *blink* I can resent that, right?
What does this mean?

It means that some comic book shops (probably in the Eastern United States) that won't be getting all their order for this week.
Hey, one thing I've been wondering:

Do comics come out a day late this week in the U.S. because of President's Day?
I think a lot of people might be waiting for the TPB, now that the series is progressing forward into later issues. I've personally been waiting for all of the issues or the TPB, because I haven't been able to make it to my local comic shop, and planned to buy all of them at TFAW.
I live in the Detroit area, about 4 hours from Pittsburgh. My fingers are crossed that I won't be affected.
I have no idea what this means.

May well be your funniest post, Brian, and that's saying something.
Wasn't there some kind of problem with issue #1, too? I remember someone here had a problem at their store, was it Phlebotinin? I remember I was able to ask Brian Lynch about because he was signing, but he hadn't heard about it.

Could someone who knows and can explain within the bounds of civility required here tell me what the deal is with Diamond?
Sigh. It's deja vu all over again. Yep, dreamlogic. For issues 1-2, my comic book store in D.C. didn't get copies in for the vast majority of customers who reserved them until about 5 weeks after the release date. This is not the greatest way to do business. Aside from being aggravating for the consumer, it's a disservice to the talents of Brian, Joss, et al. More casual readers might forget about the series, or give up and turn to other things out of frustration. Or wait until the TPB comes out.

I wonder what the problem is.
My store did not have the first two issues either...

ETA: Good grief, I have a store.

Now that I think about it, my looking for a title they did not have two issues in a row (and being a middle aged woman) made a guy in my store recognize me and comment that they had the issue I had been looking for.

Did I mention that the last time I went in, a guy from the store was on the phone blaming "Josh Whedon" for any delays in the comics that he writes, because "The guy is real busy, but he seems to be getting the Buffy comic out on time." I found myself gently correcting various points and teaching him how to say Joss's name. "It is Wee-don, right?" "Yeah, that part was fine."

It is lake some weird evolution from being afraid to walk into the place to correcting their pronunciation of an author's name. Weird.

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I've just moved away from my comics guy... *sigh*. Breaking up with my supplier was tough.

If anyone has recommendations for the Austin area, send me an email, pretty please.
My comic shop said that they'll only be getting 40% of their usual order so they are holding #4 back until next week when they receive it in full. It also said that most stores in Canada would be affected. I don't know about the States.
How exactly DOES one allocate comics 'severely'?

'Cos I am getting an most unsettling image of a leather clad woman, whip in hand, throwing out one comic at a time and screaming "That's YOURS. NOW GO!"

Damn, Birmingham (UK) comic shop shelves are EMPTY of Angel #4 'til next week. Gah! :(

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