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February 19 2008

Adam Baldwin is Scheduled to Attend Dragon*Con 2008. It's great that Adam will be back at Dragon*Con. He's always been great as a speaker in the past.

Oh, happy goodness! And, we are actually *going* to Dragon*con this year! I may flail about with glee all day! *grin*
He is also going to be in Denver at the Starfest coming up April 18-20th. The list is very skimpy so far but I think they really pile on the guests right before the event.
Yay! I'll be at D*Con. We're doing Buffy Between the Lines live there!
Okay, I just realized they used an old bio.

It says he's on the Inside... not Chuck!

[ edited by BrownCoat_Tabz on 2008-02-19 20:14 ]
It's the bio they've used for the last two years...let's hope he makes it this year. We miss him!
Adam was never on a show called the Insider.
Oh, he was. It was a show produced by Tim Minear. He played FBI Agent Danny Love. It was a pretty good show.
I think Tamara was trying to point out it was actually called The Inside.

[ edited by KernelM on 2008-02-19 18:47 ]
Oh, stupid Pat O'Brien, naming his show scarily close to a Tim Minear show. It gets me all confused. :)
I shouldn't type words when I'm tired.
Sorry for the snark, Browncoat_Tabz. That typo is one of my pet peeves. I get a bit irrational.

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