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February 19 2008

Wizard Universe's Top 25 Sexiest Women on TV. A puzzling list, but containing quite a few of Joss' girls.

Strangely enough, no Aly, no Morena, and the ultimate snub, no Farrah Fawcett! Oh, and their top choice creeps me out a bit...

Not a big surprise on the top one. Why is this list puzzling?
Yesh, Hayden? #1? To each his own I suppose. Glad to see familiar faces on there, especially Charisma and Kristen :D
I'm totally with you on the creepiness factor. I'll give her "cute", but I think she's still a few years too young for anyone to call sexy.

But then to me she's still the 10-year-old on Guiding Light.
Goodness, this was stupid. What were they thinking? Topicality or something? No Willow? No 7 of 9? Xena's sidekick but not Xena?
Sorry, this list lost all credit with me when they put Hayden as number one. Farrah Fawcett should be in the top five even though she was before my time. I agree with most of the people on the list though. Gillian Anderson should be higher.
Farrah Fawcett was in a genre show? When?
I really don't find Hayden whatshername attractive in the least. Maybe I can't get past how annoying her character in Remember the Titans was.

Agree with some on the list, disagree with placements of others. I wonder why nobody ever does 'sexiest sci-fi guys' lists? That just sort of occurred to me because of how skeezy this one read, and I wondered what it would be like if a list this skeezy was applied to guys. Nathan saying the "how'd you like a bite of this apple, America?" at the end of the Firefly blooper reel popped into my head.
LOL Nolan!

What's to stop us from doing our own such list? Let's see...first, define "sci-fi." If folks from "Buffy" qualify then I'll start the list with Anthony Stewart Head, followed by Nathan Fillion and David Boreanaz. And then...David Duchovny. Of course Harrison Ford has to be there ("Who's scruffy-lookin?") Patrick Stewart. And another David - Tennant.

'course, I'm not being skeezy.
Jason Dohring, James Marsters, that guy who plays Jack Harkness, Sean Maher, Nathan Fillion, ASH, Alexis Denisof, David B, and some more I'm sure.
"Joss' girls"? Is the attitude contagious or something?

Looks like one guy's preference to me. There's no justifying the order otherwise - Rose McGowan over Alyssa Milano? Scully the only redhead? Freema Aygeman higher than Audrey Horn? AUDREY HORN.

Goodness me, I feel a blog coming on...

p.s. compulsory edit for Starbuck. For the love of the gods, what about Starbuck???

[ edited by curlymynci on 2008-02-19 22:21 ]
I don't understand how someone could call Hayden Panettiere "sexy". Sure, she's cute, but sexy? I don't watch the show, but it doesn't seem like that's the image they're trying to give her. It seems like she's the pure, virginal cheerleader. That doesn't even begin to compete with Faith, who is the definition of sexy. :p

Also, Boomer over Starbuck? Come on.
I think she's sexy -- she's not much younger than Sarah was when Buffy started, about the same age Michelle was when Season 7 ended, older, I think, than Britney or Christina were when they became sex symbols. Nothing squickworthy about it. I also think she's a pretty good actress.

I actually noticed that, after Season 1 of "Heroes" wrapped, it suddenly became cool to hate on the girl, despite the awesomeness she brought that season. There's this odd tendency for pop culture and fandom to backlash, hard, against people it initially goes googly eyed over, particularly young stars and ingenues.

I'm not sure I'd put her #1 on that list, though. To me, that's gonna be Eliza or Summer.
Farrah Fawcett was in a genre show? When?

She was in the original "Logan's Run" movie (not the TV series,) and the film "Saturn 3".

...and how pathetic is it that I first read that as "in a game show"??
Nolan; I doubt anyone would care that the shoe was on the other foot, altho you're right, it never seems to be there.

crazygolfa TamaraC Rowan Hawthorn; Well considering the degree of realism in Charley's Angels soem people think it qualifes as fantasy....

(It was one-fourth of the inspiration, along with Highway to Heaven, The X-Files, Brimstone behind the Buffy-Angel spin-off I wanted to see Joss Whedon's Spook Squad but moste evryone has moved on since then *tear.)
There's this odd tendency for pop culture and fandom to backlash, hard, against people it initially goes googly eyed over, particularly young stars and ingenues.

Probably because there's a perceived "coolness" in going against the flow, even if the flow actually happens to make sense. So when the flow becomes "she's great" the "cool" thing is to say she isn't.

I wonder why nobody ever does 'sexiest sci-fi guys' lists?

Regarding sexiest men, no-one remember Nathan beating Matt Daaamonnn ? Or David Boreanaz on's sexiest man of 2006 ? Or ASH on 'New Woman's "100 Sexiest Men in the World" list ? There're probably others for the interested (go to the archive and search on "sexiest").

Sure it's a bit unbalanced but that just reflects the sci-fi/genre fan demographic which, though happily changing, still has males in the majority.

(not necessarily the same as my list but taste is taste - there's no "Big Book of Objectively Hot Women" they take these lists from - and I have to say I don't exactly find any of these women repellent ;)
There wasn't any stipulation that they had to come from a genre show.

Some notable omissions:

Diana Rigg in The Avengers
Barbara Feldon in Get Smart
Mary Tyler Moore (yes, Mary Tyler Moore)in The Dick Van Dyke Show.
Marina Sirtis in Star Trek TNG
Julie Newmar as Catwoman on Batman (not a regular, but neither was Batgirl)
Just to defend my creepy comment: She just turned 18. Like JUST turned 18. So she's the top? I donno, struck me as creepy. And yeah, doesn't the word "sexy" have a picture of Eliza as Faith next to it?
I think it's a fair comment leafblown. Unless the list compilers are about 18-20 ish themselves, it's maybe a little bit weird. Course, 18 isn't the age of consent everywhere (even in the US) so why is 18 a "magic age" beyond which it's less weird ?

There wasn't any stipulation that they had to come from a genre show.

True CiV but it does say "our favourite shows" and "from the shows Wizard readers love" and 'Wizard' being a comics/genre magazine it's sort of implied. Plus, they're all from genre shows ;).

(all of yours can be, ahem, "encouraged" to qualify as genre shows though I reckon ;)
I think Eliza should have been a little higher up. And though I like Bring It On, it should be a picture of her as Faith, amIright ? :P
KingofCretins Saje: Tehre is that tendency to turn; even if Return of the Jedi ahd been very different, it seemed evryone boht in and out of fandom went in there determined to "get" Lucas.

Honestly not surprised SMG isn't very high; I like her but ....

Being a bit of a fossil "meinself," I appreciate the inclusion of Yvonne Craig and Lynda Carter, even if I didn't watch their shows.

that pic of ELiza; just ebcause it shows a lot of skin doesn't eman it's a great shot of her. Sorry but I'm even more curmudgeonly than usual right now.

But props on Charisma's exalted staus; "What you mean 'almost the perfect woman,' white man?"

And Hayden Planetarirumor whatever her name is is technically non-squicky, tehcnically.
Hayden Panettiere as #1?

But what bothers me the most is that Freema Agyeman is on that list while Billie Piper isn't!

Neither is Katee Sackhoff, which is just insane.
It's cool to see Scully in there, though.
I like the girl in 19. I've seen her on several shows.
And kudos for putting Anna Friel on the list, but she should've been higher
I'm going to put my Internet Marketing hat on and say lists are mostly just link bait. Picking women from various fandoms of different ages to grab attention and then making number one be somewhat controversial to create discussion. I do it myself where I work... except I make top lists of sexy golf courses, not sexy women.

Xena's sidekick but not Xena?

I was gonna say, hey Gabrielle is not just a sidekick! But then I looked at the list and think you meant Xena's nemesis.
Augusta National is the sexiest golf course in the land.
Callisto over Xena is a no-brainer, to me. I actually rooted for her to win most of the time.
Gleneagles definitely. It's that dog-leg on the 14th, humina-humina.
They picked Yvonne Craig over Julie Newmar?! No offense to Craig, but - that's just crazy.

OTOH, I, too, would rank Rose McGowan above Alyssa Milano - and actually, I've always found Holly Marie Combs to be quite pretty; so I might end up listing Milano third out of Charmed women.

And yay for recognition of some of the Whedon actresses - though if you start thinking about who's missing - Morena, yes; Emma; Amy, for pete's sake; and... one could go on and on... and on...
Say what??? No more lists, I'm swearing off forever. Well, unless they finally give us some SciFi/Fantasy genre men for a change. ;-)
Curious thing this thing you humans call sexy.
You prefer the water trap on the 8th, right Pumps ? Not as unusual a view as you might think.

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