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February 19 2008

Alyson Hannigan Joins Paley BtVs Panel.

Hopefully it's just work schedules stopping David Boreanaz and Tony Head confirming at this point.

Oh gosh, you got to love Aly!
This news is good.

If no DVD, I hope they'll at least be a hand puppet recreation of the reunion. Please.
This is great news.
i heard this show was sold out. i hope someone will show it on youtube. and has anyone heard if they are going to renew alls show?
If there's a hand-puppet recreation I hope there'll at least be a DVD of that. With cast commentary.
ditto for DVD hope!
They HAVE to do a DVD. I mean there is just no way they can't. This sold out in 30 minutes AND we crashed their computers. They can make so much money off this.
Yay! Aly! Wonder if Alexis will come now even though he is really more of an Angel character.
May I say that this is going to be LEGEN - wait for it - DARY!
Is her attendance possible because of the limbo HIMYM currently finds itself in? If so, great for the panel and attendees, not so great for her, I guess.
The exec. producers of HIMYM are such enormous Buffy fans, they'll cut out early that day just to attend the reunion. I am without doubt that Aly will be no less than PUSHED out of the stage in order to make the Cinerama Dome in time.
Another idea (far less brilliant than my previous one, needless to say) for a gag photo just popped into my mind. But as a certain young lady said farther down, they won't have timeski for thingskis like thatski. (Well, those weren't her words, that part's my fault.)
I think my tummy just did a sommersault! Pitter pat, pitter pat. This is stellar news!
Wow. I am so envious of those who are going. I love how, even years after the show has ended, there are events like these to keep us excited.
YES!!!!! OMG! No possible words can describe my joy at the reunion of the scoobs!

Btw, since usually they screen an episode of the show that is being celebrated, do you think that they will still do so? If so which one do you think (or hope that they will, or do you think that it will be something else since it's such a special event?

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I contacted the webmistress for Anthony Head's page - I will let y'all know if I hear back from her, and what she says. I highly doubt he'll be able to make it, since, as I pointed out earlier, he's got a con gig two weeks prior to this and doesn't generally fly in for a one-day thing, especially not the middle of the week.

But golly-gee whillikers, what a get-together! It's like...words cannot describe what this event means to the fandom. I only wish it was something more of us had an opportunity to attend - those of you Whedonesquers who are going make sure to take detailed notes and give us all a FULL update as soon as you can! We need our vicarious con-goodnesses, as Willow would say. (Or...maybe she wouldn't.)
Hmm, SQ: when you say ASH "doesn't generally fly in for a one-day thing," it strikes me that there's never been a one-day thing like this one-day thing - and may never be again. Not saying he will (or is obliged to) attend, just that this is pretty much an event sui generis.
SNT Well, back when I was trying to put together Carpe Noctem (The Con That Wasn't) I looked into getting ASH for one day, and was told (by his agent) that he doesn't typically like to attend one-day events, considering most of them are over here in the States, which means several hours on a plane. (But he'll do the one-day things like CollectorMania, because those are closer for him.)

Yes, this event is very much a once-in-a-lifetime event, but he is a busy man, what with the farm and their charities and anything he happens to be filming back across the pond. Guess we'll just wait and see. (Any chance to see new pictures of Tony is good in my book.)

And...did you just go all Latin on me?
...Holy shit.

Please let there be a DVD. Please.

Or at least a shakycam bootleg.
Yay for Latin! I actually squealed and jumped up and down when I heard there was going to be a Buffy episode called 'Tabula Rasa'.

I have Ipsa scientia potestas est (Knowledge itself is power) above my class chalkboard.
In hindsight, I probably should have put Aut disce aut discede (Either learn, or leave) up there!

Great news that Aly can make it- now c'mon Tony!
I did forget to add: yay, Aly will be at PaleyFest! Brilliant!

As for Latin: 6 years at school, and I'm pretty much left with a smattering of legal latin. And an abiding love of Catullus (best poem ever, in its entirety: "Odi et amor. Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris? Nescio, sed fieri sentio et excrucior." Which I've often thought something Spike might have written. If he wrote in Latin. And was, y'know, a real person.)
Yes!!! This news made my day, week and month!

PS Latin... I feel almost at home in this thread now ^_^
Willow and Tara together again!

(See Joss, it CAN happen... :)
Hoo-ray for the Aly news! This event just keeps sounding better and better :-D
quantumac; I figure you folks here already know how I hate to nitpick -hee-hee-hee- but Aly and Amber were at Joss's John Kerry fund-raiser and there is one pic of them "quiteclose;" no mention of what ALexis and Adam were doing when that picture was taken....

Seriously, this is a thing for the ages even before this point already; I just wonder how much chance each participant will have to contribute. I only saw part of the MASH 30yr reunion special once and don't recall that much but I wonder how they might compare in terms of,w ell,depth and breadth. That was twice as long counting commercials but had a few more people.

(I'd love to see Emma and Charisma going thru the ritual of pledging to soemthing on their honor as Cordettes but that's AU, not canon.)
Straight from Liz, the webmistress for Anthony's site:

"Anthony is not scheduled to attend the Paley Centre's "Buffy" cast reunion. If and when any public appearances are confirmed, they will be announced on the website and in the newsletter."

So don't count on the Watcher being around to keep those crazy kids in line.

quantumac Actually, it is happening, in a wonderful novel called "Willow's Promise," soon to be heading to a publisher. Google it & you can read the first chapter.
Sigh. Ah to be backstage at this..... So how long does the evening go on for? 5, 6 hours? Won't it have to?
ShadowQuest: Thanks. I read the first chapter and found it well done. Seems of publishable quality.

The tall order is not necessarily finding a publisher, but getting the rights to bring Tara back in an "official" novel. Christopher Golden lobbied hard, but he was unable to convince the "Powers that Be" who hold the rights. In the end, his novel "Dark Congress" put the beautiful genie back in her bottle. :(

Seems the only way to bring Tara back these days is through fanfic (some of it quite excellent, by the way). I'm writing my own fanfic novel to that end, taking Season 8 as a starting point and heading in a different direction than Joss' vision.

If Joss won't do it, other people will.
In the interests of balance, I may write one where Tara dies over and over (and over ... *) again.


(my thing with stuff like this, good though it may be, is that I can never quite ignore the fact that it's not "true" in the Whedonverse, it's just a bit of alternate universe wish fulfilment, not "real")

* and over
quantumac I passed your praise on to my friend. I'm sure she'll be tickled, especially since she's finally finished not only the write, but also the rewrite to her editor's wishes. I'm going to have to find a day where I can spend just reading the whole thing through, and then a couple more days to go back and do some "red pen" to it, if needed. (btw: The "We Didn't Carve the Stake" is mine. That was a bear to write, but tons of fun. Although if I never hear "We Didn't Start the Fire" again it'll be too soon.)

Saje Never say never. We just need to find someone attending the Paley Center event who'd be willing to take a copy to Joss, Amber and/or Aly, and then "Willow's Promise" will get published and turned into a film, and I'll be able to do my convention as part of the publicity tour.

And I already have the soundtrack done. Featuring such artists as Diana Ross & the Supremes, Jo Dee Messina, the Dixie Chicks, Chris Rea and John Hiatt.

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