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February 19 2008

Votay: Who's Your Fave Whedonverse Character? Okay, which one of you created the Whedonriffic Votay? :)

I totally just voted for Fred <3
I've been a Giles.
Wesley got my vote. But the spelling error in his last name made me cringe.
If I could bother to register, Rupert Giles.
Ditto Caroline, except Wash.
I just recently finished Buffy and fell in love with Spike, but my loyalty still lies with River.
I don't want to register either, but I'd go with Spike.
How could it be anyone but Wesley? Tragic, yet fascinating, character played by the best actor around, written by the best writers around. Just watching his progress from Season Three of BtVS to his final scene in "Not Fade Away" (which is, by the way, the single best scene of prose/film/whatever that I've ever seen) is like taking an entire course in character development. Wesley's story is an aspiring writer's dream.
Oh, that's a tough choice. I'm leaning towards Mal, but I think that's because I'm in a pretty good mood today. If it had been a rougher day, Wesley.
Choose one out of all three shows? I can't do that!

Buffy- Anya
Angel- Lilah
Firefly- Kaylee
Willow, hands down. Best. Character. Ever.
Ah but best isn't necessarily favourite though - or is it ?

Best character arc for instance is Wesley for me (when it's not Spike ;) but I like Wash better.
Wesley, Spike, Mal, Fred, Kaylee, River, Dandelion, Melaka Fray, Loo. I can't choose just one of them. They're all perfect.

ETA: Added even more names.

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Ditto, on the registering thing, but my vote would've gone for Willow.
I don't know how it happened, but the character I love and sympathize with the most... is Buffy. She wasn't my favorite before; it just crept up on me.

But yeah, no registery.
I don't even see any option to register.

I'd vote for Tara if I could, tho. I love her as much as my Mary Sue does *snerk.
My favorite character is Buffy. Because she is, after all, the Slayer.

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I fell in love with the Bufster from show one. When my son asks me (in mean moments) "Ok mom: Buffy, Xena, or Charlie Chaplin?" I always cry because I loved Xena first and Chaplin has conquered my soul - but I will always, always love the Bufster....
Buffy, Angel, and Mal (with perhaps a slight edge to Angel for being the character I identify with the most).
Buffy. She always has been and always will be my favorite.
I voted for Wesley. His character arc throughout both series was so awesome!
Hmmm. I'm not registering, but I would totally give Anya my vote, trailed closely by Kaylee and Faith.
Honestly, I don't know if I could narrow down much more than "top 20". Or "25"....
My friends and I once did a "Best Whedon Character" battle, best of 64, March-Madness style...Wesley came out on top, after two hours of one-on-one decisions and high-pitched debating. No one beats that arc.
I don't want to register for another site. It's not easy to choose, especially among all 3 shows. It's probably Spike, but he isn't my favorite for "Angel" (Wesley is), and my favorite for "Firefly" is Kaylee. Spike is what hooked me on Buffy, and then love for the verse just grew.
Spike, Spike & only Spike.
not going to register ... but it's always been Angel for me. After Angel ... Wesley ...
Yeah- I'm also too lazy to register, but I'd go with Spike so I guess it wouldn't change things anyway. Spike is not just my favorite Whedonverse character, he is probably my favorite character period.
Riley Finn, Riley Finn!
I was going to vote for Jayne (heaven knows I would be the only one), but I didn't want to register (he would understand).
Also not gonna register, but Wesley would get my vote.
Willow. It has always been Willow. Softer side of Sears to beaucoup d' mojo and beyond.
My favorites from each show are as follows. Guys, Spike, Jayne, and Angel, I like my men morally ambiguous. Girls, Faith, Dru and River, all three are kinda crazy, like me.
I'd rather chop off my right arm than choose one over another - it's impossible for me. Once I do something like that, I can never take it back. Sometimes I'm loving on Xander in a Speedo or Xander having a party in his eye, or Buffy swan diving off a platform to save the world, and then the next it's Wes showing compassion for the demon who took over Fred's body, and the day after that it's Giles playing a guitar and singing in a coffee shop, and so on. That said, if the poll were more specific like, "Who is your favorite character with a British dialect ..." No. Still couldn't do it.
I also couldn't be arsed to register, but for me, it's Spike baby... best arc in television, evah!
Wesley. Duh.

(Faith is a very, very close second.)

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yeah, I so didn't register but if I had I wanted voted for the Xand man. He isn't always my favorite. Sometimes its Wesley, sometimes Illyria, sometimes River or Book. There's Buffy then there's Willow and Tara oh and Spike. But I would have voted for Xander cause you can only vote for one and he's Xander. Oh yeah one can never forget Meleka or the real heart of Whedon worlds: little Loo. Where is the love for Loo?
Giles. Easily. Second favorite would be much more difficult.
I know this will come as a shock - but I would choose Angel if I wanted to register, which I don't. So I'm choosing him here.
Buffy/Wesley/Mal, respectively.
I refuse to choose, but my first instinct is Angel.
First instinct was Giles. On reflection, for each show, probably:

BtVS: Willow
Angel: Wesley
Firefly: Zoe

And nope, no registration. Not yours.
As soon as I saw what was on the other side of that link, I ran like a rabbit. There's no way I'd be able to decide.
I didn't bother to register, but I would've picked Spike, my favorite character of any work of any medium, ever.

Close runners-up:

No rego for me, either- bleurch.

But hands down, my first thought was 'Angel'. So I gotta go with that.

But I really, really loved both Darla and Faith's arcs. And Wes's. And Cordy's. And...
Rupert. And his alter-ego Ripper.

And then my two favorite witches, but don't make me choose which one's which. It's a tie. Deal with it.

And then my sweet Xander.

Jayne and Mal.



But not in any particular order. Rupert, Willow & Tara, Xander. And then the others are all in some kind of weird tie. Which....I'll be in my bunk.
Mal/Buffy/Wesley followed closely by River & Giles. And an honorable mention for Faith who I didn't appreciate in the beginning. And I can't neglect to mention Willow, Kaylee and Fred who were the heart of each of their shows. And I can't neglect Xander, Wash & Jayne who brought the humor and what about Zoe, Anya, Spike, Angel... - ah hell, I love them all!!!
Votay: Who's Your Fave Whedonverse Character?

The other Drew

No, no way. I tried breaking it down by show ... and that wasn't good enough. I tried breaking it down by show and then sub-breaking it down into boy/girl categories. Not good enough. I tried then sub-sub-subdividing it into good guys and bad guys (because I don't want to overlook some of my favorite villains and villainesses) and THAT sort of worked but then it just needed ONE more subcategory dividing all of the above categories into arbitrary "main" and "supporting" divisions and ... then it was just too much.

All I really learned from the entire exercise is how much I still miss Jenny Calendar.
Mal. No registering for me either.
Just because I had to... I love stats!

[NOTE: I awarded 3 points for each definite vote for one single character, 2 points for a three-way tie (several people voted one character for each show), 1 point for a six-way tie (two people voted for six characters).]

Which gives us these result as of this posting...


Wes 27
Buffy 24
Angel 16
Spike 16
Giles 15
Willow 14
Mal 13
Anya 5
River 5
Kaylee 5
Fred 4
Jayne 4
Xander 3
Wash 3
Tara 3
Riley 3
Zoe 3
Lilah 2
Faith 1

(To be fair, someone else snuck in with a vote for Mal as I posted this, so the edit is to add three more points for the Captain...)

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Wow. Nobody's gone for Cordelia!
I can understand that she's not everyones favourite, but nobody??
Me, I like bad boy Spike, the coolest vampire ever, anytime, anyplace, any genre.
Spike and then a bunch of other characters, each depending on what I was thinking about right then...or maybe Buffy after Spike...hmmmm...but definitely Spike first.
Spike. Anyone who knows me knows that's a given.

Glad to see Tara so far up though. She was a good person.
The other Drew
Oh come on. How can Mustard Man make the bottom of your list? ;v)
Willow. Don't even have to think. But not gonna register just for an on-line voting thingy...
Although Spike was the one who drew me into Buffy, it's Buffy herself who has become my favourite character and Spike who has been relegated to second. After that it's Cordelia then Wesley.
The "kara-te" episode was on Angel this morning. I almost want to say We--. No, can't do it.
Captain Mal. Followed by Wesley and Buffy.
This hurt my brain. Can't choose. Sad that Clem is not on there though.
I'm firmly in the Mal camp.
I am so incredibly tempted to register so that I can vote for Cordy. I know what people are saying about Wes's arc, and it is amazing, but I think Cordelia's is just a little bit better. From the popular, shallow cheerleader stereotype to a warm, wise, loving woman who goes to her death with dignity and love...yeah, I'd have to vote for Cordy.

Then Mal, then Buffy, then Spike.

But truthfully, I love just about everybody.
All of the characters were wonderful inspirations, each uniquely intriguing. Wesley certainly underwent the hugest transformation, and Alexis pulled off the changes, large and small, superbly well. Ultimately, it's the actors that we respond to. They are the ones who reach out through the TV screen and make that connection to the viewers. I have loved most of the performances on Buffy over the years (less love for Angel overall and I haven't gotten into Firefly). Armin Shimerman was a perfect Snyder, absolutely captivating to watch. Harry Groener was great. The actor who played Quentin Travers. On it goes. But the actor whose performances consistently stirred my emotions, and therefore came closest to approximating the feeling of observing a real-life human being, was Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy. When she's onscreen, my eyes are on her -- and not just because the actor herself is beautiful to look at. Sarah's performances made me care about Buffy more than any other character.

Wow. Nobody's gone for Cordelia!

I put Giles first, but Cordelia is definitely in my top 5. Giles, Xander, Cordelia, Anya, Lorne.
Poor Lorne is so overlooked!

His arc has darkness rivaled by that of Wesley. He was exiled from his home plane and estranged from his family. At the end, he is once again alienated from all the people closest to him. He got everything he thought he wanted--fame, power in the entertainment industry, trying to do good in the world--but it all ended up being completely hollow and taking so much out of him. He went from being the carefree pacifist wise man to being a broken shell, asked to kill someone who was helping them out!

Damn. Joss Whedon's characters have rough lives.
Very hard to choose. My impulse is Spike, the soaring story of redemption.

Wesley, Cordy, and Doyle, too, are tempting; I suppose Spike because he actively sought redemption, rather than finding it.

Lorne and Fred are so tragic.

"Not good, but OK." Get out of my mind, Mel.
Redeem: Tara IS a good character. :-)
Hard to choose but Buffy is my ultimate (if I bothered to register).

Also, I didn't know Andrew's surname was Wells.
Ah, what I would do for the urge to register. Maybe I'll get an umph in the next 4 weeks, 9 hours, 47 mins... or not. But for records sake, I'd have to go with Spike. Oooh, or I would vote for Lorne *hugs her green demon for whom she saw S2 Ats for and got hooked on it* Yeah, I'm unique ;)

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Spike, Anya, Jayne, Angel, Fred.
Registerless Giles. Then Buffy.
Buffy, cause she saved the world- a lot.
It would have to be Giles followed by Wesley followed by Willow. I don't think that Giles had the best character - there were those with better arcs but just on his own... Yep. Definitely my favourite.
I'm such a sucker for this stuff. All I did was spend twenty minutes proving to myself yet again what I've known for years, that Yahoo hates me and makes me change my password every time I log on (very infrequently). Then I did this "Yahoo OpenID thing, which took forever. All to vote for Spike ;-)

Then I find out that I can vote again in four minutes! It's one of those, which makes it totally meaningless. And which also explains Tara being in the lead. I mean, everyone loves Tara, but the favorite character in the entire whedonverse by 200 votes? Some people really need to get lives.
And I really need to stop letting Yahoo run me around in circles.

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