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February 19 2008

The making of Negotiations - A short film featuring Joss Whedon. How Joss helped out a budding filmmaker.

More information on how Whedon became involved in the short, as posted here last week.

awesome. Really glad the messages are getting out. And happy that it's finally over. (it is, right?)
I can't imagine how I would feel were Joss to be even remotely involved with anything I had had anything to do with.

(Oh, right: Elation.)
Hey guys- I'm Scott Nap, the lucky idiot who had the crazy idea to get involved in the contest. First off, anyone from whedonesque was involved in the shoot....THANK YOU! Between my director buddy Joey giving me a pep talk one day and then delivering the Joss-great-news bit the next day...I got out of the doldrums quite quickly!

If anyone has any questions about the shoot, please feel free to ask. Joey and Dylan (Ramsey, our SAG star who stepped in to play 'me' in the vid) worked extremely hard to put together something positive and I think they did a good job. Thanks for the support!
Typing of strike issues (which did not end with the strike) one of the creators of quarterlife who was also behind My So-Called Life writes in today's Slate of the deal that followed his latest show's web debut:

"But we've already won the main victory, no matter what happens: Our deal at the network leaves us with 100 percent ownership and creative control. No producer in the history of television has ever had creative control over a network—yet we're delivering completed episodes to NBC; they haven't even read the scripts."

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