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February 19 2008

(SPOILER) A review for last night's episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer is praised as usual, and the reviewer makes a guess about what her character might go through later in the series that should be very familiar to anyone who's watched the second season of Buffy.

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Cute homage to Angel; I'm sure the author just couldn't resist ;)
"My guess is that she'll have sex with John and in a perfect moment of happiness will lose her soul. But I could be wrong."

hee hee :)

I honestly hope Cameron doesn't turn evil (or is evil), at least not yet. I think Sarah and John need to form some sort of bond emotionally with her before (if) that happens. And you would think that would be years down the way too, after her character is a little more developed. Loved last night's episode. Really enjoying this.
I have a feeling Cameron's suspicious acts are part of a larger scheme of future-John's. She may seem to go bad, and they'll have to make some sacrifices as a result, but it'll turn out for the better long term.
Last night's episode was an absolute pleasure. I also spotted all the first film line references, images, including the photo, but most of all that's impressive is the continuing solidifying of the familial bonds. Poor John is having to grow up so fast. When pressed by his uncle about Kyle Reese, he didn't break and spill it, just says, "He was a hero." Yeah, damn that was eerie when Sarah had just told Cameron she wanted the robot destroyed, down to the last bolt, and she pockets it. I am loving this show.

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I thought last night's episode was pretty mediocre. I didn't care about Derek's story that much -- the re-casting of Reese and the changed photo bugged me, but oh well. That's the nature of the show. More problematic was the show completely forgetting that the reason Skynet sent Terminators back in time was because they lost in the future, which isn't at all evident here.

Sigh. Cameron's arc is getting very interesting, though.
Any episode with Summer (Cameron) Glau is excellent in my opinion, and I loved her ambiguous character development (is she evil? is she a liar? or is she faithful to future John's instructions?). This is a wonderful role and she is doing a great job with it.
I am loving the fact people are freaking out at the idea Cameron might be 'bad'.
gossi, I personally don't care if she turns bad. I just want it to resonate when it does. If the story is good, that is all I care about. She just hasn't really connected with her "family" yet, so I think the foreshadowing is a bit premature. Just my opinion though. No freaking out here :)
I'm really starting to believe this show is going to get canceled! :(
Has a second season been confirmed anywhere?
Is FOX pleased with how well the show is doing?
If things start looking bad for the show would anyone here consider starting a campaign to save it?
What does Joss think about the show?
Why do people like Moonlight on CBS?
Was "Once More, With Feeling" really left off the ballot by accident?
And most importantly.... Did Grandpa Simpson really cancel Star Trek?
It's getting about 8 million viewers, with slight leakage of viewers. It's not a TV hit by network standards, but I doubt it will get cancelled (yet). That said, there's only two more episodes left - they stopped production due to the writers strike. I'd imagine it will return in the fall.

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Article contradicts itself slightly by guessing that Skynet kept the humans captive to build Terminator copies of them but then says Reese did then kill Andy. Clearly there could be a Terminator that looks like Reese...

Also the fact that they are showing signs of Cameron "going evil" suggests that she won't. The shock of Angel turning bad was the fact that it was so shocking. You have to foreshadow it by showing how and why it could happen, but do it in a way that suggests it will never happen. The way they have shown Cameron acting so suspiciously suggests it's a mislead and she's doing something good, or at least not evil, just something that John and Sarah wouldn't agree with.
Last night's ep was the best by far. 8.1 million viewers and consistently improving on its lead in week after week should guarantee it a 2nd season.
Last night's ep was the best by far. 8.1 million viewers and consistently improving on its lead in week after week should guarantee it a 2nd season.

It's also dropping about 500,000 viewers each week. That said, there will be an up-tick next week with The Moment of Truth as its lead-in. In two weeks, there's a two-hour finale. I think that's gonna show whether we get Season 2 or not.
Least it won't be canceled mid season. I'm still pissed about that, and i don't think i'll get over it...ever.
Though, SCC being the highest rated and watched show on Fox since Malcolm in the Middle, (i think), there's going to be a second season (again i believe).
It is a very expensive show. Ratings will need to grow. I don't see Fox nurturing shows until they find their audience (a la The X Files.) They could just as likely add a few nights of "political idol" or 'So you think you can dance better than a third grader?"
It's the highest rated season premiere. It came in at #8 last night.
Fox is promoting the show by bringing Summer to San Francisco this weekend for Wonder Con, so I hope that means that they don't plan to cancel the show any time soon. Personally I think the show is getting stronger and I'm definitely wanting it to continue.
Why does everyone keep saying that it is a "very expensive show"? Does anyone actually know the license fee or how it compares to House or Bones? I get the feeling that there is no real information behind that statement.

I'm not picking on you, napua. That phrase keeps getting thrown around and I have not been able to find any actual data to back it up.

The Dark Shape, it was #5 in the only numbers that matter, the 18-49 demo. Total viewers only matters to CBS.

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I really hope the show becomes what the X-Files used to be for FOX... although I'd like Dollhouse to take that spot just as much... maybe they can both take that spot and in the process, get rid of what I like to call the "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grade American Idol? Don't Forget it's the Moment of Truth! You Can Dance, So You Think the Lyrics!" monster! Actually I just made that up... I was trying to be clever... I strained myself... :(
Why does everyone keep saying that it is a "very expensive show"? Does anyone actually know the license fee or how it compares to House or Bones? I get the feeling that there is no real information behind that statement.

CGI is expensive. I think people are guessing that the production budget is high due to that. All those car stunts and explosions can't be dirt cheap, either. Scifi/action > straight drama > reality show - is that wrong?
Bones and 24 can't cost any less. Terminator really doesn't use all that much CGI. Lots of stunt work, but not much CGI. And it isn't like anyone on the show is making Kiefer money.
What's the deal with the "what's the deal" ? The way the Terminator universe works is, you can change the past. Derek (or possibly T-Derek ;) went back and killed Andy Goode in the past. After he did that Andy Goode wouldn't be in Derek's [future] present (and so couldn't tell Derek, who couldn't go back etc. et paradoxical c.) but that's just how things work in the T-verse and always has been - they pretty much ignore paradoxes completely (Kyle/John is one wacking great one for instance).

In general, I thought 'Dungeons and Dragons' was the weakest so far but it still had some great bits. I sort of man-squeed when Cameron got to say the "hyper-alloy combat chassis" etc. lines ;). When Charlie says "There's a storm coming" I was willing Sarah to say "I know" to finish the callback but for some reason they didn't let her (maybe to indicate that she believes Skynet can be stopped or to show her uncertainty about the future ?). Wasn't crazy on the guy playing Reese (proper Reese), he seemed much too young but I liked that Derek may have a Terminator copy of him wandering around in 2007.

(and I loved the way Summer delivered "I swear" both times, innocent and earnest, sort of like when a child learns a new word or phrase and then says it all the time, sometimes without fully understanding what it means. She really conveyed some nice ambiguity there)
This show keeps getting better and better, IMO. I checked out the Official Site, and it looks like this "Season" will be the 9 Episodes they've filmed so far. The "next" Season is alluded to but there are no definitive details. Even if it gets F*X-ed, it's been an awesome run, and Summer's career has received a Mega-boost. :)
Saje is right, because right from the beginning you have this guy come back from the future to save Sarah Connor's as yet unconceived child, but then he becomes the Father of that child. So pretty much the premise of this series is crazy paradoxes. Of course the thing that really bothered me, that no one has mentioned, is that if Sarah's blood type is O, and John's Father's blood type is AB, then John would be either A or B, he would NOT be type AB (that is pretty much 9th grade level biology).
Did anyone else get deja vu when Summer said "It isn't safe (for you)"?
Of course the thing that really bothered me, that no one has mentioned, is that if Sarah's blood type is O, and John's Father's blood type is AB, then John would be either A or B, he would NOT be type AB (that is pretty much 9th grade level biology).

OMG! Sarah is not really John's mother!

I'm going to take that one as a mistake, rather than a revelation. Good catch, embers.
Best episode yet. The writers finally developed a bit of intrigue this week..something sadly missing from the stinker episodes prior to this one.

I'll keep watching. I just hope this week was an example of what is to come, not an exception in the body of work. Most of the prior episodes have made me want to eat the tv.

Summer and Jones are great, btw.
Re: John's blood type. In the show they say D. Reese's blood type is really rare (AB-) and that Sarah's is a universal donor (O-). They say Sarah can't donate because they need a lot of blood. They never say that John's blood is AB-: they just say that he's lucky he has the blood type he has (which could be O-).

I thought it was a mistake too when I watched it the first time, but when I watched it again it was clear they had some wriggle room.

OTOH, maybe she's protecting the real John by farming him out to someone else and raising another baby... or maybe there was a baby switch at the hospital (which isn't a huge stretch).

For me the biggest gap was that they wouldn't know John's blood type. Considering their lifestyle that's really weird: in a combat heavy situation that's something you want to know. OTOOH, maybe Sarah knew and just didn't say anything.

I really don't think it was a mistake, though.
Also, I thought "Sometimes they go bad. We don't know why." was right up there with "No power in the verse can stop me."

Glau's really great with delivering multi-layered line readings.
They never say that John's blood is AB-: they just say that he's lucky he has the blood type he has (which could be O-).

Yeah they do. Charlie says Derek needs "at least 3 units of his own type" (my emphasis) i.e. O- isn't gonna cut it. Later, when Charlie adds 2 and 2 and gets 5 (i.e. surmises that Derek is John's father) he says "That's quite a kid you've got there ... same rare blood type".

It's definitely a mistake (and good catch by embers) since Sarah must have OO genes and John must have AB genes (they actually couldn't have picked a worse blood type for him to have in that sense, there's zero wiggle room with AB - though obviously it needed to be rare for the plot).
Nice bit of news for show, Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been nominated for three Saturn Awards:

Best Network Television Series

Best Actress: Lena Headey

Best Supporting Actress: Summer Glau

It would be nice for Summer to have a Saturn for her TV work to go along with the one she won for Serenity.
Or is that just greedy? heh

Good Luck to the TSCC nominees!

Full list of Saturn nominees
I have a bad feeling people aren't watching this show live, but buying it on iTunes or stockpiling it on their DVRs.
I'm proud to be AB- and looking forward to donate.
The blood type issue is explained in the comments on the TV Guide site: "Here is how an AB blood type parent and an O blood type parent could have a child with an AB blood type. The A and B refer to antigens on the surface of red blood cells (RBC's), type O people have neither of the antigens on their RBC's. Their is a prior step in the biochemical pathway leading to RBC antigen presentation (i.e. having A, B, or AB antigens on the RBC surface). This step requires the person to have at least one dominant allele (a version of a gene) for the H-substance protein. People that lack this dominant allele are blood type O, regardless of whether they have the alleles for the A and/or B antigens. In other words, Sarah could have either an A, B, or AB genotype (i.e. the complement of alleles she has at the blood type gene loci) but would have a blood type O phenotype (i.e. what is actually expressed on her cells) if she lacks the dominant allele for the H-substance. If this is the case, then she could pass on an A or B blood type allele to John, who would then get either an A or B from Kyle. John would also get the H-substance allele from Kyle and have an AB blood type (he could also have either an A or B blood type, but not an O in this scenario). Hope this helps!"
Hah, fantastic ! I was all set to poo poo that based on simple high-school biology but it's actually true ! It's called the "Bombay phenotype" and means you can have people that appear to be type O but can actually have a mix of genes but two recessive copies of the H allele (that apparently makes a carbohydrate called fucose which is the precursor to both the A and B antigens).

It's a bit fan-wanky still because the entire thing depends on why Sarah thinks she's type O (the universal donor). If it's because she's given blood then the show's free and clear, nice bodyswerve. If, however, it's because she's received blood from another type O then thunk!, brick wall time again. "Bombay phenotypes" can only receive blood from other "Bombay phenotypes", if an apparent type O gets blood from an actual type O they'll die. You also have to wonder about Sarah's parents since it's (relatively) common in small, highly inbred communities ;).

(I don't really believe the writer knew about this - very rare - condition BTW but it's a lovely get out of jail card. It's only half an hour into Saturday and I already feel like i've learned something ;)
I hope we have the chance to find out if Cameron is going to go bad...and I hope she doesn't. At this point I just got the idea she has an agenda given to her by the John Conner of the future that will supersede anything that her present day Conners tell her to do. That seems much more interesting to me.

So do people actually know about blood types? Here is a scenario and a couple questions:

I woman is O+, a man is A+, they have a first child who is A-. The woman then has two miscarriages and finally has a successful pregnancy of a child who is also O+. Could the blood type have been the reason for the miscarriages? I know that negative mothers can have problems having positive children, but is the reverse true? Do O's have problems having children with other blood types? My e-mail address is on my profile.

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