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February 20 2008

More info about Dollhouse plus news on David Boreanaz and the Paley Festival. TV Guide's Ausiello has news on whether David's going to be at the Buffy Reunion and when Dollhouse might premiere (spoilers for other shows on this page).

The Paley information is in the second question and the Dollhouse question is about half way down.

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That David is a nice guy.
There are also snippets of gossip informed opinion about Bones and How I Met Your Mother in the piece.
I really wish I hadn't read that, there are a fair few Lost spoilers in there; can we mark spoilers if it isn't really about Jossverse?
"The status is Joss is pounding out a pilot script at this very moment. Barring any major hiccups, the show could be on the air as early as fall."

As I've been thinking, this is prolly the reason that Jossir hasn't posted anything on whedonesque post-strike... so much good luck and godsspeed to him on the pilot script...

And I know there's no reason whatsoever for me to feel entitled as a big ol' fan to be able to go to the Buffy reunion, but I can't help it - I do, and I'm so disappointed that I didn't have a shot at tickets, though it's right in my backyard. It kinda sucks beyond the telling...

David does seem like a sweetheart... oh, buggers, it is just rough to contemplate missing this.
That's bloody nice of DB, he didn't need to do that. Must confess the guy's gone up in my estimation a fair bit in the last year or so (i'm sure he'll be thrilled ;-).

Good news about 'Scrubs' too, I don't watch it but my wee brother will be happy, he's a huge fan.

Best news for me personally though - BSG will definitely film the last 7 episodes, fantastic !
Vortigun, it says "spoilers for other shows" at the top. And also Yentroc told people where to look for the relevant questions. As an obsessive spoiler-avoider (a full-time occupation when you're over a year behind the rest of the world!), you can't ask much more than that.
Incidentally (watch the thread creak here - remember, if she bends she breaks, if she cracks she bears ;), i'm surprised Ausiello didn't mention that NBC is trying an "endless season" approach to show launches. Seems like a fairly huge industry change - especially if the others follow suit - and good news for us on here (cos smaller shows may be scheduled to launch when they have a chance to grow an audience rather than in a mad scramble to the death with 20 other shows).

That's a September that never ends that I could really get behind ;).
I was hoping for some actually information about Dollhouse... oh well... At least I now know that there will be an episode of 30 Rock the involves "MILF Island"! :) I wonder if Tina Fey will ever work into the show a wink or nod to the fact the she appeared in Buffy season eight.
FNL! Say it ain't so. Saddest news I've heard all day!

David is a sweet heart. And of course Joss is pounding away on the script which is always music to my ears.
Maybe Simon, SNT, another mod or Yentroc (blank?)self can add the spoiler tag, just in case, as Ausielo's columns are extremely spoiler-heavy for people who want to avoid them.

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Think we'll get two first episodes again with Dollhouse, or just the one? :)
Endless season is a great idea. I have a lot of free time in summer to dedicate to TV-watching (and none in the fall), so I'm glad they've finally decided to accommodate me :). And yay 30 Rock!

Barring any major hiccups...
...those words get me knocking on wood and crossing my fingers and hanging garlic in the doorway. (Well, maybe not the last one.)
All we need now is Mr. Anthony Stewart Head to make an appearance and the Paley night will be complete (and/or perfect)!
Big smiles, big smiles! :)
fromthecrypt As I said in the below thread about Aly going, I heard back from Liz, the webmistress of Tony's site:

"Anthony is not scheduled to attend the Paley Centre's "Buffy" cast reunion. If and when any public appearances are confirmed, they will be announced on the website and in the newsletter."
Look for me in the front row of the Cinerama Dome huntin' and peckin' away on my Dell laptop!

Hope that means he'll be doing some kind of live online chat type deal.
Thank you ShadowQuest, I must have missed your comment.

Here's hoping his invite was just lost in the mail...

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Harmy, you almost made me have a heart attack. I wasn't expecting any show to be able to come back this season, so FNL not returning yet is no bite to my bullet. I'm just glad there's still a chance it can return next season. And happy about the others (The Office, HYMYM) that get a chance to finish up their stories for the year.

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