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February 20 2008

(SPOILER) Nick Brendon updates his audio blog again. Nick calls in to talk about working out, Criminal Minds, and the Paley Festival Buffy Reunion. Slight spoilers for his Criminal Minds appearance.

It's a shorter blog than normal because his call got dropped, but it's still great to hear his voice.

Who else got the vision of Xander dressing up as Batman? <_<

I, however, did not get a vision of Nicky nakkid. Weird.
A girlfriend? Did Nick split up with his wife then? (btw, hello! I think I've only posted once before but I am an avid and longterm reader of posts).
Mayhem, yes, he had. And welcome *waves* although you've been here way longer than I have but I'm trying to be courteous here. ;)
Thanks Mirage. That's sad to hear though.

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Could anyone do a transcript, or a nutshell of this, please? Not all of us can listen to audio online. (Gosh darn dial-up.)

ShadowQuest, there is already a transcript on the page (it ends rather abruptly - although maybe the audioblog does too).

[ edited by Mayhem on 2008-02-20 21:37 ]
The audio file does indeed just sort of ... end. I'm assuming Nick hit a pocket of PCH that was out of his cell phone company's range or something.
LOL! That's hysterical! I was actually able to listen to it, and I told my friend "This is so Xander!"

"I am Batman, is what I'm saying." Hee!

Really wish we could have heard more on the Paley Center reunion. Ah, well. Such is the life of cellphone users. "Can you hear me now?"

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