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February 20 2008

Summer Glau scheduled for Last Call with Carson Daly. She's scheduled to appear Thursday, February 21st at 1:35/12:35C.

That is actually early Friday morning if you are setting your vcr. Do people still set vcr's?

Cool! Summer Glau on talk show! I'll be watching, even though I hate Carson Daly, but I always stay up for Conan anyways.
I'd rather watch paint dry than watch Carson Daly. Sorry Summer.
I will definitely be setting my VCR (I am hopeless, no cell phone, and I'm still using a VCR!), I don't care how dull Carson Daly is, I'm just going to be happy seeing Summer interviewed on TV.
I saw him interview Moon Bloodgood, he was incredibly lousy! Even though she is beautiful he could hardly bother looking at her, only staring at the prepared questions which he rushed through, even saying he hadn't seen the show she was on to talk about (Journeyman) - yet another incompetent twit I could outperform if it wasn't for my bad manners *g*
I don't think "dull" is the right word to describe Carson Daly. More like "untalented" and "painfully bad". How in the hellmouth did that guy get his own show???
noooo. sooo late. That's even later than when i choose to go to bed. and i wake up early for school. :(
let's hope that the youtube guys can put it up. :P

I've never see those late night talk shows though. Doesn't seem worth it, (even though i am in support of writers.)
VCR set, as it isn't shown until 4am here :/

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