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February 20 2008

How I Met Your Mother swaps time slots. Schedule change begins as new episodes debut. How I Met Your Mother is still not technically renewed but it looks pretty likely.

It seems like CBS may be using the time slot changes to boost How I Met Your Mother's ratings.

yes, this is good news. I don't know why any one watches Two and a Half Men, but its viewers are likely to catch on to the funniest show on tv.

whatever, just as long as its renewed... FOR EVER.
Big Bang Theory has more viewers that HIMYM? That surprises me.
Never overestimate the intelligence of the American viewing public!
I love Mother!
I chanced to see part of an episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' and I laughed. Does this make me a bad person? I don't watch HIMYM, but if the change of timeslot is in order to allow the show to continue into another season that is a good thing.
Don't feel bad about laughing at TBBT. It's so delightfully geeky that, while the writing and acting will never compare to HIMYM, it can still be an enjoyable half-hour of television.

At least in my opinion.

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