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February 20 2008

Vote for Mal & Jayne as "Best cosmic duo to destroy a wayward spy satellite." I thought this was a rather unique poll. They face stiff competition from Luke & R2, Spock & Kirk and other luminaries.

I'd think Zoe & Wash would be better suited from a technical standpoint, though Jayne is awful good at destruction.

::giggles:: Oh, I love these!

"Pros: Mission will conclude in the last 12 minutes by some last minute jury-rigging of the Enterprise’s sensor and shield array. Cons: Mission will conclude in the last 12 minutes by some last minute jury-rigging of the Enterprise’s sensor and shield array."

So true. Heh. Next Gen was still the best of all the series, though. "Make it so, Number One!"

"Pros: Best chance for a pre-mission photo-op. Let’s face it; they’re the prettiest darn duo on the bunch. Cons: Sure, they’ll finish the job, but they’ll be a lot of angst beforehand."

So true. But so GOOD! It may be angst, but it's Starbuck and Apollo angst, dammit. That counts for tons. More so when it's focused on general angst rather than, "Oh, I love you, but I got married to Sam on a whim, and now we are angsty because of the secret sex on the hill!"
Our rating has gone up since I took this poll earlier, but our ranking is still #5, well behind the STs and SWs. Not surprising, since I doubt even Vera would do well against a wayward spy satellite.
I think this is the best poll that's ever been linked here. Kudos for finding it.
What, no Lister and Rimmer? :D
I like that the witty banter will be provided by Josh Whedon. I'm sure that's gonna be better than if it had been provided by John Sweden.
Hilarious. I was listening to a radio discussion about the satellite last night, and while it was all very serious and interesting, when they started talking in the same serious tone about space lasers, I kinda cracked up. It was just too weird.

I think Mike Nelson and the robots would be good at this, too. But that's 3. I guess Crow would be my backup pick for Mike. It would be entirely accidental though-- "Did we just destroy that satellite? Oops!"
Fun poll. Going the Gerry Anderson route I would have chosen UFO over Space:1999 for this mission, though Space:1999 is better known. Then you could have the necessity of consulting green haired, purple mesh-wearing women on the moon (or a sub) before firing. And the command would be given by the most wooden American-born British actor of all time.

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