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February 21 2008

Summer Glau nominated for Saturn Award. She's up for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" for her role in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles'.

After checking the roll down, it seems that these are the other whedonverse related nominations.

- Cloverfield for Best Science Fiction Film (written by Drew Goddard)
- Fantastic Four and The Rise of the Silver Surfer for Best Science Fiction Film (starring Doug Jones as the Silver Surfer in the title)
- Enchanted for Best Fantasy Film (starring Amy Adams)
- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber From the Fleet Street for Best Horror Film (with cameo form Anthony Stewart Role, whose role was originally larger)
- 3:10 to Yuma for Best Action / Adventure Film (featuring Alan Tudyk)
- Amy Adams for Best Actress from Enchanted

From the TV side:
- Lost (connections through cast and crew), Heroes (connections through crew), Sarah Connor Chronicles (connection through Summer Glau) and Supernatural (connection through Ben Edlund) for best Network TV Show.
- Dexter (connection through Julie Benz) and Battlestar Gallactica (connections through cast and crew) for best syndicated or cable tv show

On the DVD part
- White Noise 2 for best DVD Release
- Pan's Labyrynth for best special dvd edition release

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What the heck for?! The show doesn't let her do anything. It doesn't take advantage of Summer's particular talents. The way write the part and how they use stunt people for fight scenes instead of Summer; any decent actress who can pass as a teenager could play the part.

Of course this isn't Summer's fault. But it seems to me they're just nominating her because her name is recognizable to this show's fan-base.

[ edited by batmarlowe on 2008-02-21 15:06 ]
Couldn't disagree more, I think Summer has stolen the hearts of the critics and is beyond wonderful in her role as Cameron. I like the show but the main reason I watch is to see what Summer will bring to her role each week!
I'm not a big fan of Summer, but I'm really enjoying the show and her character in it.
Summer does a great job portraying a Terminator. I think it's a wonderful challange for any actor to try and shutdown all or most human feelings and behaviours and in that regard she does it really well.
(with cameo form Anthony Stewart Role, whose role was originally larger)

I think you meant to say: "(with cameo from Anthony Stewart Role, whose head was originally larger)"
Summer's the favorite character on the TWOP Terminator forum, with all sorts of spontaneous comments about how much various posters are taken by her performance. And there are plenty of them who'd never heard of her, so it's not just her fan-base.

For me, she's been actually scary and she's what, 5'6? She can do ice-cold, mysterious, funny, and sexy, and she uses her physicality beautifully to suggest someone not quite human. And, as Krusher says, all while not being able to show emotion.
The preview for next week's episode reads that Cameron (Summer's character, for non-watchers) will be taking ballet lessons in order to find some person they're looking for..

I can understand writing to your actor's talents, but first impression that sounds like it may well be crowbarred in to the script. Given how bad some of the writing has been so far, that scares me.
I fell head over heels for Summer in AtS "Waiting in the Wings", and she hasn't taken a look back yet. Haven't had the chance yet to view Fox's Terminator series, but I will. Still, seems she's popping up everywhere and it strikes me she acts her character very well. 'Course, just my opinion.

I'm crossing fingers that she'll get this award, I think it's well deserved.
BTW the ballet thing is probably just training for the Joss & Summer skit.. I hope so :D
Summer is excellent as a terminator and should win.
On another note, Sweeney Todd should win in all of the categories it was nominated for because it was an excellent movie and was completely overlooked by the Academy.
She's done some good work on the series. I liked her in the opening scenes of the pilot, where she's trying to look and act like a normal girl but still interrogate John, and later a bit with a psychiatrist where she imitates the last thing the girl who killed herself said to her.

So good for her. I've heard Amy Adams is excellent in ENCHANTED as well, but I missed seeing it.
I've seen the Sweeney Todd Musical movie, however it's a very depressing and dark feature. Not recommended for people with a dark moment in their life.

Pics and comments available for anyone who are willing to translate Dutch in to English:

Uh, if you have access that is..

[ edited by Krusher on 2008-02-22 02:56 ]
Summer is fantastic, and by far the highlight of this show. Because I loved her prior to the show, not sure if that is the reason she is the highlight for me. I'll have to find a non-Browncoat (gasp) watcher and ask them what they like. It would be a nice little test for me to see how biased I am :)

Congrats to Summer and the rest of the fine nominees!
I'm loving Summer in Terminator and think she's the best part of the show!!
I also think SG is doing an excellent job in Terminator. I'm really glad to see her being noticed.

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