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February 21 2008

"Everything that has happened before, will happen syndication." Two Browncoats go to a cafe expecting free pie and Joss Whedon. Instead they uncover a deep Network TV conspiracy involving cylons, zombies, and reality TV. This video is the Corvallis (Oregon) Browncoats submission to the FairDeal4Writers contest.

"I don't think I have any Sanity Points left!" Been a long time since I've played Call of Cthulhu, that was a nice touch.

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Um, hello? Where are the {Pie Spoiler Warnings?}

I like anything that has writers and pie in it.
Excellent topic, Sparks! You always find the good ones.
Oh wow, someone got the Call of Cthulhu reference.

The writer is British and had to go back to the UK before we started shooting. In his absence, the actors, crew and I had some lively conversations about Banoffee Pie and Spaced and their relevance to our film. I cut and pasted parts of the Feb.10th, "Dollhouse likely to be a priority for Fox if strike ends soon" thread from Whedonesque to support my points (for ammunition really) as parts therein are amazingly close to the script. That rocked my boat :) And btw I discovered that making Banoffee Pie could be dangerous to your health. Directions include super heating cans of evaporated milk. Personally I find that insane because they do explode under high heat and pressure. Obscure as that is I love the idea of dangerous pie.
I didn't quite follow the beginning part. Was the waitress saying that fans who support the writers should stop making fanfic and fanvids because of the copyright issues? Because that...won't happen.

Also, SPACED!!!! I friggin' love that show. Are there really development plans for an American version? Gag.
I think my favorite parts were the "gunshots" and "grenades" -- low-budget filmmaking at its finest!
is the score from Oblivion? I may be slightly obsessed with that game.
True story about Banoffee Pie: I thought it was so-named because it came from a town, or possibly area, in Canada called Banoffee. No, not when I was little; up until a few months ago. Then an English friend explained to me gently that it was banana + toffee . . . well, really. One can't be expected to know everything about everything, right?
ShimShamSam, Pegg says he hasn't even been approached.

Would he even have to be? I mean, doesn't the BBC own Spaced? Still, He and Jessica should get huge money if it happens. They did WRITE it, after all...

(Did Edgar write too, or just direct?)
Excellent topic, Sparks! You always find the good ones.

I find a lot of ones, but I only post the good ones. ;)
Willowy I don't think BBC has the rights. I don't remember who does but they did sell it without telling the creators. I read they found out online. That has really got to ruin your day.
Saje posted that FOX might have shelved the project but I haven't found anything online about that.
Very cool, there was pie in the writer's room ;-) I logged in just so I could give it a rating.
Thanks Shey!

Yes gossi and music from BSG.
Tina, i'm sure I heard something but also can't find anything about it now. Are you sure I wasn't talking about 'The IT Crowd' though ? Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part ;).

'Spaced' wasn't a BBC show BTW Willowy, it aired on Channel 4 and would've been produced independently though i've no idea who owns it. Clearly not Wright/Pegg/StevensonHynes because as Tina says, they weren't even told about the remake. And just to further tantalise/frustrate you guys, I think Edgar Wright mentioned in a recent interview that they should be releasing the definitive collector's edition in the US soon. It might have been in this (excellent) Rottentomatoes interview but if not i'm blanking, soz ;).

Bizarrely (to UK peeps) there's also apparently a US 'Top Gear' remake in the works. Mind ? Have you met boggled ?
Granada owns the remake rights to Spaced. I think a US-Spaced could be good (and who wouldn't want more Spaced?) But what makes Spaced special is so much to do with the creators that shutting them out - and treating the format like interchangeable "content" - has sucked any magic out of the project even before there's a pilot. More McSpaced musings here.

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SoddingNancyTribe did you also know that Banoffee pie was Princess Diana's favorite and Margaret Thatcher's as well. Who knew? ;)

Nope Saje the "Dollhouse likely to be a priority for Fox if strike ends soon" thread.

Shapenew its so freaking cool that so many from Whedonesque entered the film contest. I enjoyed your entry as well.
Do you mean *condensed* milk rather than evaporated? The trick is to put the can in a pot completely covered with water bring to boil and simmer for an hour. It's an old Latin American trick for making dulce de leche. You can also open the can and only cover it partway with water - just make sure the pot doesn't boil dry. I'm sure it would work too if you just emptied the can of milk into the top of a double boiler and cooked that way for a very long time. No chance of exploding cans at all (but where's the fun in that?)
Nope Saje the "Dollhouse likely to be a priority for Fox if strike ends soon" thread.

Ah, yep, I did say i'd "heard somewhere" it'd "died a death" didn't I ? Hmm, I just wish i'd vagued that up a bit more ;).

Like I say though, fingers crossed my vague (possibly made up by my so-called brain) impression turns out to be true. Cos I don't particularly want more 'Spaced' (especially with a different cast/writers/everything), i'm fine with it as it is (including the little coda from the making of documentary) - small but perfectly formed ;). Never really saw the need to keep hammering stuff out until there's no fizz left in it, horses/courses/mileage though.
Thanks Tina and QuoterGal and OzLady and Saje and TonyaJ :) I see another entry in the contest is by someone whose YouTube handle is two initials followed by "YellowCrayon." I'm guessing this is another Whedon fan :) I am not sure whether Joss Whedon's work *attracts* activist types or causes people to *become* activated -- maybe a combination of both -- but either way, he seems to inspire a great many people to go do something constructive with the feelings his work inspires in them.

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I am not sure whether Joss Whedon's work *attracts* activist types or causes people to *become* activated.

So are you saying the Whedon is the writing world's equivalent of a fire-truck red battle axe and a gay witch?

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