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February 22 2008

The Guild - Episode 7 is up. More fun with Felicia Day. Warning: a tiny bit of strong language.

Just saw the latest episode. It's getting a bit darker, but still pretty funny. Poor Zaboo.
I've really got to start keeping up better with this. Felicia is awesome - and I adored the way she said "creepy."
That was mildly... disturbing, but in a good way.
For an assumingly low-end production, this show is actually pretty entertaining. I've really got to echo SNT here: Felicia is awesome.
Good writing and good acting combined will create entertainment and quality. I do like this series a lot.
Funny, dark and brilliant. Loved it.
Felicia's direct-to-the-camera intros crack me up. Funniest part of the episodes.
This is quality! More, more more!!! I realize it's an unreasonable request, but I really want this to be a daily show. Felicia rules. PS- is it wrong that I so want to see "The Knights of Good Lovin'"?
I have no doubt that this serial netted Felicia her recent cheesy poofs commercial - they use that same Felicia-looks-at-the-camera dry style that works so well in the Guild stuff, and it works in the commercial, too.

I truly hope she & her colleagues get a lot of acting - and possibly writing - gigs from this - I'd love to see Felicia in something sustained that makes use of her charm, humor and brain...
I love these. Felicia is so expressive even without dialogue.
This show has always been hilarious. & I agree that it does seem to be getting a bit darker--babies in cages; various kinds of monster mothers--very Brothers Grimm. But this doesn't bother me because I like to be disturbed. & I love so many things about "The Guild". I love Felicia Day's amazing line readings & her "homely beauty". I love the set design & the costumes. The colors they use (the hot pink couch, the orange wall, Felicia's red hair & her violet t-shirt) are ravishing. I love the economical & efficient way that Day fleshes out an entire story arc in 3-5 minutes. It's sort of a sitcom version of nanofiction. I also love the DIY aspect of the show. It is empowering to other creative people that Felicia found a way to produce this work. When a door was closed in her face (she tried to sell "The Guild" as a broadcast t.v. series)--she slipped in through the window.

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