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February 22 2008

(SPOILER) "Super Cat" pilot scene with Nick Brendon online. Get a preview of Nick as Super Cat.

Nick comes in at about the 1:15 mark, when Super Cat makes his big entrance. This is an animatic posted by the show's creator -- obviously not the finished product.

Eh...I'll need to see a finished product before I pass judgment.
Awww. I kinda loved Evil Cow's inquiry as to when might be a better time to call back and threaten his honor, the mayor. You don't often see such manners in hostage-taking farm animals.
Yet another example of bovine transexualism in American fiction.
Yep, it started out as a trickle but right now I fear a bovine transexualism tsunami. Won't somebody think about the veal calves ?

Hard to tell from that clip so i'll reserve judgement. Does feel a little bit 'The Tick'-ish though and didn't they do that already with, err, 'The Tick' ? Still, quality will out. Except for 'Wonderfalls'. And 'The Inside'. And 'Firefly'. And 'Journeyman' ... Actually quality almost never outs, stupid quality.
Yet another example of bovine transexualism in American fiction.

Bovine, indeed.
That was pretty good, actually.

Evil Cow. I must watch it if only for that.
I'd offer them a treatment of my original character War-Hog,t he Nietzchean Super-Pig as a villian e xcept he's meant as a serious character.
AWEsome...I hope it gets picked up.

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