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February 23 2008

Buffy/Angel DVD magazine "partwork" launches in parts of UK. 2.99 will get you the first four episodes on DVD along with a magazine - here's a grainy phone camera shot of what the cover looks like.

Buffy Angel DVD collection - Eaglemoss - Grampian TV area - 05/02/08 Part 1 - 1.99, Part 2 onwards 7.99

The ultimate DVD & Magazine collection for all Buffy &
Angel fans, featuring every episode of the iconic TV
series. Each DVD is accompanied by a high quality 20
page magazine.

Couldn't find any other descriptions of this on the net, saw a small mountain of them at my local (Manchester) Sainsbury's supermarket.

The back advertised the Angel series as running for about 25 issues or so, the Buffy series for 30 or so; each "collection" has DVD case spines that together make up composite shots of the cast (although weirdly Dawn's picture is on the season one spines).

At 7.99 for every four episodes it's not great value compared to the DVD box sets, if you're only interested in the DVDs that is. Still, it is nice to see Buffy and Angel on the magazine rack again!

They finally did it. I wondered when this would happen. X-Files and Stargate had their turn, now it's ours.
You know, I'd pay good money for some sort of DVD set that alternated between Buffy and Angel episodes for seasons 4-7/1-4 (though I guess there might be some points where they don't quite sync up, like the end of 7). But this is also neat-ish.
Jobo, by the looks of things they aren't going to be like that - there was a separate set of "spines" for each of Buffy and Angel.

I totally get what you're saying though - watching through Buffy6/Angel3 right now, trying to watch in broadcast order (which I didn't the first time round) and keep having to switch the DVDs in and out of the machine.
Wow, and by 'parts of UK' it means Aberdeen... nice.

Oh well, probably rescued me from the financial disaster of mindlessly buying every episode of the two all over again. I do love these things though. Just so I can buy only the first episodes of a random show for small change.
If this magazine/DVD hybrid is only going to be available in the Grampian television region the total population is less than four million - and that includes an awful lot of people who will have no interest in it (my various relatives, for example). That would suggest sales are not expected to be high. Would I be right in thinking the magazine will be slowly released into other regions across the UK, assuming initial sales warrant it?
As far as I understand it the usual pattern is to release it in one region , presumably see how sales go , and then release it in other regions.

The only releases that were worth getting was the "Only Fools and Horses" ones since some of the DVDs had different versions of the programmes than the BBC released.
What will the magazines have in them ? Just episode synopses and maybe the odd retrospective article from the mag's writers on what impact specific episodes had ? If they feature brand new interviews with writers and creators, they might almost be worth the purchase for someone like me who doesn't own any of Buffy (except for those first two North American VHS releases).

I keep almost buying the Complete Series sets of Buffy & Angel when they're on sale for $99 on, but then I talk myself out of it with the realization that there'll 100% definitely be HD releases in the near-future (well, I guess Blu-Ray now, since the format war's won).

I just read it tonight--anyone wanna continue to discuss Buffy #11 in the "Discuss Buffy #11" thread (linked on the right sidebar of the front page of this site). I've read through the 150+ comments, I posted what I think are some new thoughts/theories that haven't been hashed to death of my own...
Lanes, I found those copies in Manchester - I would presume it is being rolled out now. (I'm not convinced these things always run to completion, mind.)

Kris, I don't know what the magazine's like - I have heard good things about the Marvel Figurine magazine they put out, in terms of detailed profiles, etc, but I doubt there will be any new information to hardcore types like us. (It's also not clear whether DVD extras and commentaries are included.)
Well, I bought it - just to see what it was like and, you know, support Buffy. The disc is exactly the same as season 1, disc 1 in the boxed set, same extras, same artwork.

The magazine is 16pp, nicely produced on thick paper with lots of photos. There is a very general article about the creation of the show, a two page Sarah Michelle Gellar profile and episode guides which don't go into much detail interspersed with little 'Buffylore' boxes. There is also a one page 'Survival Guide' - a rather sweet five point guide to dating in Sunnydale by Xander.

There are six other leaflets in the package enticing you to subscribe to the whole run of the magazine with offers of free binders, dvd cases, posters and a (rather nice looking) Buffy/Angel mug.

All in all, it is quite a creditable production.

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