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February 23 2008

Nicholas Brendon updates blog; joins Criminal Minds! Nick Brendon updated his audioblog with another abbreviated entry, in which he reveals he has signed on to be a recurring character on the hit crime drama "Criminal Minds" and explains his "risque" scenes to come!

That is just fantastic for him. He's slowly working his way up to be a series regular on one of the highest rated procedurals (which rarely get cancelled), which could give him stability and visibility and lead to even more great parts.

I know the Paley panel is already a time crunch, but stories like this make me hope that there will be at least a few minutes for each actor's projects since Buffy -- they all have such diverse and successful career paths.
I'm happy he's back in shape and so enthused about his new role; I so totally giggled when he talked about the...umm...sock.

Plus? How Xander was that greeting? "HELLO Earthlings!"

Loving me some Nicky. Giles & Xander were always my two favorite guys, followed by Angel. "I'm not looking at your neck!"
I'm very excited about this (although this call ended as abruptly as the first one did!) because his character was very funny and interesting when he was first introduced on Criminal Minds and I know he'll be a great addition to the cast. I'll definitely be tuning in to watch!
Why, yes, I will be tuning in to "Criminal Minds".
*adds Criminal Minds to must-watch list and removes it from occasionally-catching-an-episode list* Good luck, Nicky!
Awesome. Kevin Lynch is a promising character and I already love Criminal Minds. It's like someone has added sparkles to something formerly great but sadly lacking in sparkle. *is excited*
Awesome. I wish Patinkin was still in it, that would have been double fun. But congrats to Nick.
Awww, deciding to watch the show for Nick :)
I started watching the show this year and have really enjoyed it and did love seeing Nick as a computer geek - channelling Willow, perhaps? ;)
Woohoo! Yay, Nicky. I, too, will have to check out the show now.
I've never watched it, but I'll give it a shot just so I can see Nick.
Good news for Nick.

It's not my kind of show, but I'm sure it'll benefit from his talent, which is major.
Yay, I'm so glad he's been signed on for more episodes! Can't wait to see him back on screen.

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