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February 24 2008

Chiwetel Ejiofor wins Independent Spirit Award. Ejiofor wins for his role in the film "Talk to Me".

Other winners include Ellen (Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3) Page for "Juno".

After seeing Chewie in Othello (twice!) I think that man deserves every award ever made. And then another one just for the delivery of the "goats and monkeys" line. He was insane.
Richly deserved award for a fine performance. I highly recommend this movie to those who haven't seen it. Great performances all around.
Well deserved recognition for a knock-it-out-of-the-park performance. I was disappointed to see that his performance in Talk to Me was overlooked for the Oscars, but it's great to see such a talented and charismatic actor getting increasing recognition for his work.

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He and Don Cheadle were both excellent in this fine film.

I didn't remember that Ellen Paige was Kitty--maybe because she was such a minor character in the film. It almost makes me want to revisit X-Men 3 to see her scenes. Almost.
I was disappointed to see that his performance in Talk to Me was overlooked for the Oscars

The Best Actor category is very strong this year. And Daniel Day-Lewis' work is PHENOMENAL. But I don't think it will be long before Ejiofor gets recognised at the highest level.
Crossoverman, are you suggesting there's a higher level of recognition than Whedonesque? :)
It goes:

- Oscar
- Razzie
- Nobel
- Whedonesque
- Independant Spirit Award

I'd be truly astonished if Mr. Ejiofor ever won a Razzie.
It's just not possible for anyone to ever hint at a razzie let alone award one to him. Nope. Don't believe it's possible.

Yes, I have a little Chiwetel crush. Othello. *sigh* Stupid ocean.

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