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February 25 2008

Joss and Summer's ballet project delayed. At a Q&A session at WonderCon, Summer said that the ballet she and Joss are working on will be delayed now that the WGA strike is over and Joss has begun working on Dollhouse.

OH...well..i guess that I wouldn't that Joss will be working hard on Dollhouse. I hope he doesn't drop this proect. I also hope that Ripper is still around.
I figure all his other projects are on the backburner for the next six months, and if Dollhouse gets great ratings, longer than that.
Delayed ballet makes me a sad panda.

I heard from someone who was at the panel that after seeing a shot of Summer kicking ass, members in the audience woohooed and yelled out "Yay, River!" to which Dekker replied, "She's Cameron now!"
Yeah, but she'll always be River to us.
It has to be hard on poor Dekker to play third fiddle on that show.
Heh, I just refer to her as Summer. Because I truly think she is that awesome and can kick all kinds of ass.
Several people asked Glau why she always plays somewhat robotic killing machines, and she didn't really have much of an answer. She said her Terminator was similar to River, her character on Firefly, because both are "isolated in the way they relate to the world." But a key difference is that River uses martial arts, whereas her Terminator just uses brute force. So she's having to un-learn some stuff.

I don't see the difference in fighting styles as the only difference. Non-fighting River was something of a paranoid schizophrenic, but I would describe non-fighting Cameron as someone with high-functioning autism or Asperger's Syndrome. In contrast to River, Cameron knows exactly what's real and what's not; she just doesn't yet grasp the finer points of non-verbal communication and social interaction.
Ok, I know I'm going to get blasted for this, but does anyone else secretly wish Summer could be the lead in Dollhouse instead of Eliza? I think Joss brings out Summerís talents best.
Ok, I know I'm going to get blasted for this, but does anyone else secretly wish Summer could be the lead in Dollhouse instead of Eliza?

Considering the idea was made specifically for Eliza, no I don't wish this secretly or otherwise.
I just hope Ripper isn't delayed much longer. Dollhouse sounds cool and all, but Ripper is something I'm actually EXCITED for.
I am guessing that Ripper is dead in the water again. At least for another year.
I read somewhere that Joss may announce something Buffy related in July. Is that true? Has anyone heard something like that? or am I just hoping for more! lol
We got to see Summer do ballet on Terminator tonight. US internet users can watch it on probably tomorrow.
I read somewhere that Joss may announce something Buffy related in July.

Probably right here on WHEDONesque, in the WonderCon Dark Horse panel post, still on the front page.
OK I have been on the web too long! lol Thanks!
And what about Goners - I hope that gets back into the frame at some point. Last I remember (way back before the strike) Universal weren't happy with the last re-write. Is that right? I'm hoping it's still going to happen some time.

Although I have been hoping for some time that Joss would get back into television, so Dollhouse is definitely something to be pleased and excited about.
Yeah, Joss didn't sound too positive about 'Goners' last time he mentioned it. I guess if he's directing it too (which i've always assumed was his plan) it could be back-burnered long-term or even, sadly, one for his bottom drawer cos if 'Dollhouse' is the success we all hope it will be he's gonna be busy running that (you can write a feature during the hiatus and you can act in a feature during the hiatus but I don't think it's enough time to direct one, not with all the pre and post production etc.).
Summer's little ballet bit at the end of tonights Sarah Connor Chronicles was so gorgeous, it left me wanting more (as did her dancing in Waiting in the Wings). She is indeed a creature of rare beauty and grace, I hope she and Joss's project eventually gets made.

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