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February 25 2008

Happy Birthday to Michael Fairman. Known to the fandom as "Niska" from Firefly.

A lot of Pisces going on in the Whedonverse. Ah, Mr. Fairman, we'll always have our dinner during the Browncoat Cruise. You are a generous man and a delight. Happy, happy birthday to you.
Such a nice nice man - and so delighted in the fandom. Happy birthday, sir!
Yes, Happy Birthday, Michael! :)

It was a delight to meet you and your family on the BC Cruise. You are truly a member of Our Browncoat Family, and we wish you well. Here's hoping you dance on your Birthday like you did on the Cruise lol !
Happy Birthday, Michael. He was totally an adorable man on the Cruise. His dance of joy was awesome.

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YAY! I met Michael briefly at Serenity Infinity! He was, as everyone else says, a very lovely man! Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Mr Fairman, many more.

(and thanks for one of the more memorable villains in recent TV, kind of like your favourite uncle but with more torture ;)
What Saje said, verbatim :)
My son told me that the name "Adlai Niska" is a Russian equivalent for the name "Shepherd Book". Do any Russian speakers have any insight on this? I've no idea where he got this, so I thought I'd ask here (Or has this been discussed and I'm just way late to the party?).
Huh, I've never heard that one, Anna von Ovonov. My Russian's a bit rusty, but Adlai Niska doesn't sound at all russkiy to me . . . "Niska" could be a cognate of Russian "nizkiy," meaning "low," (thus also "base") but "adlai" isn't like any Russian word I know. The name always had more of a Polish or Slovak ring to my ears (and Michael's accent leaned more central than eastern european to me).

Perhaps a Russian native will tell us that "Adlai Niska" is a Baba Yaga-type figure from stories. Would be cool.

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