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February 25 2008

Summer Glau interviewed at the Onion AV Club. Summer Glau talks to the AV Club about the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Firefly, her first TV role, and camel saddles.

Great interview!! Thank you!! I love Summer, she seems so appreciative. I'm happy for her and I wish her continued success!!
Pretty, intelligent, talented, witty...Where the HECK does Joss find them??

Sigh. The only way I'd get cast for one of his shows is either as a Reaver or a corpse...
Gotta say, a lot of the comments are pretty off colour but some of them are also downright hilarious. As you'd expect, the Onion AV club clearly has a better class of perv poster ;).

Good interview. That's a nice story about her breaking her toe due to acting, kismet or what ?

(not so nice is the part where she says she kept dancing on it broken, ouch. I knew dancers are often in a lot of pain but that seems above and beyond. Imagine going en pointe with a broken toe. Yeesh)
That's a great interview. Makes me love Summer even more.
Oh, I would love to see her in a Western. Hope she gets to do that someday.
Wasn't FF a Western? Oh, no it was a Space-Western... (although, River's role not really that Westerney...)

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