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February 25 2008

Own Jayne's Cunning Hat! Adam Baldwin is auctioning off THE hat to benefit MCLEF.

Beautiful, just beautiful.
That's fantastic.
They plan waaaaaay in advance. The auction doesn't even start until September. I'm sure the hat'll fetch a pretty penny, though.
Oh my. I - gasp - have to remind myself that if they ever make another film or show in the 'verse, they can always knit another hat. But still, I partly feel like this is giving away a baby or a kidney.
For perhaps the third time in my life, I wish I had lots of money :)
This feels just plain wrong.

Tomorrow (the 27th) is Adam's Birthday, and here he is, going to Auction off the very Icon of his Jayne Identity. I know it's for a good cause, but it makes me feel sad....

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Kudos to Adam for doing this. It's for a very worthy cause and he's auctioning off one of the iconic ummm icons of the show. Hopefully the auction will get a lot of interest. And if there was any justice the hat would end up on a museum for all to see.
Considering that Rush Limbaugh auctioned off his scolding letter from the Senate Democrats on behalf of the MCLEF for $2,100,000, then matched that amount out of his own pocket, (after fruitlessly challenging the Democrats to do the same, collectively), Adam's donation will most likely be dwarfed, and the MCLEF will be swimming in cash for some time.

Good for them.

But it is a hell of a gesture. BDH, indeed.

I need a Jayne hat. It'll go SO well with my Dr. Who scarf...

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Wow- that gives Browncoats a whole 7 months to save up for this. That's GOTTA be good!

I'd personally love to see the hat go 'on tour' to various cons and gatherings. I'd pay a pretty penny just to wear it and have a photo taken. Or even just, you know, to be able to look at it. ('Cos sharing hats is kinda icky...)
Jayne's hat? THE Jayne's hat? Wow! Even though it's a wonderful cause, it still makes me a little sad that Adam is parting with it. It's almost like the end of an era or something.
TDBrown: I agree, but there are still other Jayne icons. Vera, for example! Did they let him keep Vera, I wonder?
Actors can't hold on to costume pieces from past rolls forever. They'd never have room for the normal, mundane things in their lives.

Kudos to Adam for giving it up to a good cause.

And everyone who is interested has months to save up. . .
The reactions here pretty much sum up all that we heard this weekend at WonderCon. We are honored that Adam has (and continues to) let us auction these Firefly/Serenity items. Having the proceeds go to charity is another example of just how cool he is.

We definitely intended to give everyone a chance to save up with the early announcement. This will give us a chance to make sure as many Browncoats as possible know about the auction. We will have postcards to hand out at every convention we attend. We also plan to send some to every CSTS screening and convention where a Browncoat presence is planned. That means we want to know about those conventions. We also will be getting a press release out closer to the auction and anyone in the media can contact us for information at any time.

If you will have a fan table at your local convention, please send us an email and we'll get some postcards out to you. You can use the contact us link on the CABC web page.

And don't think a display or tour of props and costumes hasn't crossed our minds. :)
You know what we should do? We should all pool in together for one MASSIVE bid, and if we win, we give Adam his hat back. Why not support two worthy causes at the same time?
Excellent idea, zohrael!

Little something I came up with last year:

Signs You're a Browncoat

Your login/screen name/email is something like CapnTightpants or ManCalledJayne.

You know Kaylee's full name.

You think Shepard Book is more mysterious than the Blue Hands.

"Gorram," "ruttin" and "shiny" have worked their way into your vocabulary.

You're studying Chinese so you can swear more creatively.

You feel "Hero of Canton" should be standard on karaoke machines.

There are plastic dinosaurs on your dashboard.

Your next pet will be named Persephone or Bellephron.

Naming a gun "Vera" makes perfect sense.

You have an orange knit cap with earflaps...and no one makes fun of you.

You know apples should be cut into pieces before you eat them so you don't end at the ribcage.

From time to time, you end an argument by threatening, "Plus? I can kill you with my brain."

You've tried to "fix" the Bible.

The signature line on your emails reads "Can't stop the signal."

Your vanity plates are SRNITY.

No power in the 'verse can stop you.
ShadowQuest - How about: you name your children Inara and Miranda?
Kudos to Adam for this generous gesture. One question: is there really just the "one" hat? Not counting the hundreds fans have made, of course, but doesn't the costume department usually have several of something made in case of loss or damage?

Maybe we can feebly hold the notion that Adam kept one of the 'stand in' hats for himself? Cuz Jayne without his 'mommy present' is kinda sad...
Willowy - You are correct, there is more than 1 hat. According to Adam, there are 2. The other is in the possession of the original knitter.

I also don't think the items themselves would make Adam sad or happy. He has his memories, and the work itself on screen. I think he will get more enjoyment out of raising money for charity than keeping them packed away in a box somewhere.

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A generous gesture for a good cause. Ma Cobb would be proud.

I imagine by now, Adam would probably be happy never to see another orange hat again, but if he ever wants one, I'll be glad to move him to the top of the Jayne hat line. He's truly a Big Damn Hero!

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