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February 25 2008

Battle of Serenity Valley Paintball Charity Event. With paint! Hudson, Wisconsin July 20, 2008. The one in December 2007 in Texas was laser tag.

Charity: Minnesota Military Families Foundation.

GORAMMAN found this and posted it on

Wow, my kid would love to do this, and we're so close. I'll have to look at the site and see what the age range is. Sounds pretty serious though, 10 years old may be too young.
Well, I'd do this, except...

1.) Hudson's way the other end of the state from me (I'm kinda in the middle, tiny little blink-and-miss-it town called Elcho)

B.) With any luck I'll be attending BreyerFest that weekend


III) My aim is pretty much not at all, and I'd probably be a giant walking bruise by the end.

But it'd be cool to see how they do this. Do you get to choose which side you're on?
Man, this sounds awesome! Although, I live in New York, and I doubt I'll be able to convince the bf to make our summer vacation plans for Wisconsin. :(
The SoCal and San Diego Browncoats will be having their own paintball war on March 22nd. It's just our monthly shindig though. Not as cool as a Serenity Valley re-enactment and charity event.
Man, I wish they'd had things like this when I was a younker. We had to play "shootout" using BB guns. With live BBs...
ShadowQuest | February 26, 18:59 CET
But it'd be cool to see how they do this. Do you get to choose which side you're on?

I have no idea how any of these people do any of this stuff. I just go Yeah, Browncoats having fun! And for Charity! Whoo-hoo!

You could explore the website and it might say something.
With any luck I'll be attending BreyerFest that weekend

It's so cool that there are conventions for Supreme Court justices - that's a group of fans that too often get overlooked. I'm booking a ticket for the Souter Rising event as we speak. ;-)

But, more soberly, this sounds v. cool. The one time I paintballed, it hurt like h-ll the next morning - but it was really good fun. And a great Spaced homage too.

Umm...SoddingNancyTribe, to quote Tempe - "I don't know what that means."

BreyerFest is an annual event in Lexington, KY for model horse collectors. Breyer Model Horse Company, a division of Reeves, International.

Anonymous1 Yeah but. If the Browncoats win, doesn't that rewrite history?'s our future, their past, so....uh...

And...who wants to know they're going to be on the losing side going in?
Sorry, SQ - that was my one-man homage to this Breyer (and this Souter). But the model horse event sounds good too.

The thread talked about maybe Reavers showing up. And since River is way too young...I think the Reavers win.
Duh, my brain read laser tag where paintball should have been. I don't know that my 10 year old wants to be covered in bruises, although I know he'd want to be a reaver. A bloody, bloody reaver.
I've been signed up for a month, and I can't wait! :-)
I won't be able to take pictures there, but I'll gladly post my experiences here if anyone is interested.
Up to 800 players - now THAT's a battle! :-)

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