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February 26 2008

Angel Complete Series Collector's Set for only $55.99 at It's their Gold Box Deal of the Day so get in there quick.

Wow, even lower than when I got it. Mine arrived two weeks ago, fits wonderfully on my shelf along my Chosen Collection
Also added in a Season 3 of Veronica Mars and a copy of 'Understanding Comics' (which has been referred to as a good source by a few Whedonesquers.)
And *goes into Oscar speech mode* I'd like to thank the weakness of the US dollar right now that has made all of this possible.
Nice. Have been waiting for it to come down to a I-can-afford-it price. One thing that bothers me is the letter from Joss that's meant to come with this set, supposedly a similar letter that came with the Chosen collection, or so the description says. I never got any letter in my Chosen Collection though!

*Scratches head*

Was it an American only thing such as the extra disk that came with the set? Mine's the region 4/2 version.
There's a Bonus Disk in the R1 Chosen Collection (which, now I have to somehow bootleg, since I kinda lost the original one after lending it to one of my friends), but none in the R1 Angel Collection, just the letter in a fancy envelope, and that's it.
Shucks howdy is that ever cheap!
33. That's ridiculous. Mother's Day is sorted out, then.
Thank you Simon!!! I've been looking for a way to justify buying this set, now I just need a great deal on the chosen set!
Warg! Just when I'm on a shopping embargo! AHHHH!
*dances around* I just placed my order - it's cheaper than it was at Christmas, which makes me happy I waited! Yay! Thanks for the heads up!!!
Simon rocks my socks with the imminently useful information! It's the best leap year ever.
Time for me to waffle back and forth over buying this for the next three hours.

Gah! I went to go see how much it would be with shippng, and I couldn't stop clicking 'next'! It was too good a deal to pass up! With the dollars this close, and the price for five seasons, and the arg! Minor panic attack!

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Just another reason why this site is the absolute best. I saw this, emailed three people, and bam, 4 sets sold in 10 minutes. Simon should get royalties.
Damn you, Simon. *shakes fist, lovingly* ;)

I truly don't need this at all, having had the individual box sets since they were released, but... it's so pretty. Order placed.
It seems that people are partying because US Dollar rates are so low.
May have to get this. Can use the twin excuses of saving shelf space and donating the individual boxes to the local library. You know, since they already have all seven seasons of Buffy :)
A couple of years ago, I bought Buffy, and my son bought Angel. My son will be moving out in a couple of years and taking his Angel DVDs with him. Now, I'm covered! He just needs a nice Buffy sale...
I have two of them already and can't justify buying a third, but feel oddly compelled to do it anyway.
woohoo ! makes for a great present. for ME ! Thanks for the heads up !!!
Oh thank goodness - it's sold out. I can't afford it right now so that just made me feel alot better for not buying it!
I was so excited to see this. I recently sold off my collection to buy this, but then got distracted and suddenly didn't have the spare money, and then I saw this. I had to run my cat to the vets before ordering, though, so I did that, then returned all excited to finally purchase the set ... and it's sold out. I am furious and absolutely crushed.
Now if only they would put the Buffy series box on sale, or maybe a Farscape entire series this cheap, or perchance, Babylon 5, Star Trek, etc, etc.....
I have no self control...I bought it earlier today.
i have been waiting and waiting for this to go on sale. then last night, after work, i checked amazon/whedonesque and was heartbroken to see it so cheap and sold out!!!

curse you job!

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