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February 26 2008

Marti Noxon added to Paley Buffy Reunion. Woooohoooo, and this event gets better and better!

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Excellent! I love Marti.
As if I wasn't jealous enough before. Those of you who got tickets, I am very excited for you. I bounce on your behalf.
Truly, for some moments in life there are no words, ShadowQuest. It's why we bounce and squee.
I am currently in the process of building a house outside the Arclight to ensure that I get line tickets for this.
Just when I think I can't get more excited about going to this. Tony Head...where are you?
AHHHHHHHH!! squee. O.O
kdavid; Tony's people have actively announced his non-participation. Sorry, chief.

A t least Marti seems to eb doing well since she's gotten off the charge of killing a metaphor.
Thanks to a lovely whedonesquer (whedonesquite?) I am going to attend after all. This just keeps getting better and better.
I hope she refers to the time she "ruined Buffy", because that joke never gets old. Can't wait for the DVD!
Was it Marti or Jane who wanted to do an episode where Buffy got "really, really fat"?

TamaraC Really? That's like...dope, dawg! (Sorry. Just watched Idol. Does Randy Jackson actually speak English? Or is it his own language?) Congratulations!

I'm going to my little dreamworld now, where I throw a monster convention and the 'verse folks hear about how cool it's gonna be and just...drop in.

Great news.

I wish more of the writers would be there.
So awesome. Go Marti!! I so wish I could be there. If there isn't a DVD I will be devastated.
Oh cool. I love Marti to pieces, although perhaps not literally.
What Harmalicious said. Has anyone heard anything definite about a DVD, or is that just our inability to believe that they could possibly not record this for history?
And, umm .... for those of us who can't be there :)

Also, it can't really be true that they're only going to give an hour or less to a panel this large, for Q&A's, even if they are submitted in advance, in writing.
Maybe when they get a gazillion submissions, all articulate and deep & stuff, they'll finally realize just who they're dealing with. (With whom they are dealing?) ;-)
There's a lot of wonderful panelists, but I don't think anything compares to the staggering 22 panelists at The Office event last year. And the duration of that Q&A was no different.
Yeah, IIRC, the Lost Season One DVD features the Paley event lasting an hour - and that had upwards of 12 people on stage. I just hope there's a good moderator, and that everyone gets a moment alone in the spotlight.
Well, not for me as such, as I'm not going, but for the small number of people with tix, this is pretty squeeworthy.
The only thing that would make me more jealous of the people going at this point is if Jane E. were to attend. My heart would probably explode. In a good way. ;)

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