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February 26 2008

Nathan Fillion interviewed on Edmonton's Breakfast Television. One of the tv stations from Nathan's hometown caught up with him in Los Angeles and has posted the fairly extensive video interview on their site.

They touch on his early work and time on One Life to Live in the first clip but then spend most of the second part discussing his work on Firefly and in Serenity. The direct links to each clips are:

Part 1

Part 2

Great interview...Nathan has some lovely things to say about the whole cast.

Try to ignore the interviewer calling Joss "Josh" ... since she's sadly not the first (or the last) interviewer to do that :(

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shiny, he comes off so cool. thanks for posting another good link! (god, i miss the california weather...sitting here in philly gloom)
I love Nathan! He just has such a down home quality about him, with his self effacing humor and such humility.
Don't cry for Joss. I imagine that his occasionally hearing his name mispronounced by interviewers must pale in comparison to the constant insult by baristas misspelling his name on paper cups in beloved ink!
Aaah that was cool :) Great guy. I like his expression when he says '...I won the lottery - again'.

Nice distraction to watch before hitting a pile of work this evening. And last night I heard I may be visiting Canada soon!
I would love for Lipton and Fillion to get together....those crazy kids :)
They just reshowed the interview on Saturday on the Breakfast Television highlights show. The interview is actually longer than the two parts posted. Nathan talks about pitching a show idea to a network. He mentions his fans and some of the fanclubs supporting him.

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