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February 26 2008

Big Kev's Geek Stuff announces new QMX merchandise. Big Kev's Geek Stuff recaps their visit to Toy Fair, including an exclusive announcement about new Serenity merchandise from Quantum Mechanix.

The Serenity merch goodness is in "Episode 93 - Attention Browncoats".

What was the announcement?
Yeah, I really can't listen to their podcast at work. What did they announce?
They saw the Character Macquettes.... is that how you spell it?

Three-dimensional renditions of the "Little Damn Heroes" by Black Market Beagles. So far, QMx has renditions of Mal, River, and Kaylee. I can't remember where, but I saw a photo of the Kaylee prototype once. Very Shiny indeed! :)
The little mini charcters were on display the Serenity Creation Convention last Oct, I believe.
Yep, they had them at Creation and Starfury. Those things are very cool looking. Congrats to Adam once again for creating the Little Damn Heroes and having them turned into officially licensed products.

In fact, I forgot I took a photo of them here.
The mini characters are the cutest thing ever. And may possibly be the best Whedonverse collectible to date.
Wow, thanks, Simon! I can't tell you what an honor that is!
Adam, they're beautiful. And DanRegal... Thanks; knew I'd seen 'em somewhere. :)
I was just talking with Andy from QMx, and he wanted me to clarify that this wasn't an official product announcement. The folks at Big Kev's just happened to run into him at a private briefing with one of the major distributors in the entertainment business, so Andy let them have a peek. That's not to say the maquettes aren't coming, but there're still Ts to cross and Is to dot and other various studio hoops to jump through before they can make an official announcement.

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