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February 27 2008

Happy Birthday, Adam Baldwin! Happy birthday to our favorite merc/liason to the Senior Partners!

Gift suggestions for Jayne: grenades, a scarf to match his hat.

Gift suggestions for Marcus Hamilton: maybe one of those lint roller things, or a nice tie.

Happy Birthday, Adam!
Had I known, I'd have spent the entire day in my bunk in your honor, Adam. Happy birthday!
Happy birthday Mr Adam Baldwin Esq., many more (possibly with hats ;).

(what is it with the end of February and 'verse/'Esquers birthdays ? Is May really that dull in the US ? ;)
Okay seriously now... is EVERYBODY just gonna have a birthday this week or what?

Happy birthday to the Hero of Canton. Here's mudder's milk in your eye. ;)
Happy Birthday Adam! As much as I love Jayne (and I REALLY REALLY love Jayne), I loved Animal Mother first. You had me at "If I'm gonna get my balls blown off for a word, my word is "poontang"." Hero of Canton my butt! You're the hero of Julie!!
I'm just going to give him a Buy More gift card. With his employee discount, he can probably pick up something nice for little money!
Happy Birthday, and Happy Jayne Day!
I will be watching "Jaynestown" in your Honor today :).
Happy Birthday Mr. Baldwin! Btw, did anybody catch the next-to-last (so far) episode of "Chuck," where Ivana Milisevic -- probably best known to Whedonesquers as Sam Finn, Riley's wife -- played the lover of Adam Baldwin's character? Sam Finn in cahoots with Marcus Hamilton. Or stranger and more depressing for Riley still, with Jayne Cobb. It could be a soap opera: "As the Universe Bends ..."
Yep, noticed that.

Also, anyone notice in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' that one of Reese's future soldier buddies is the weapons designer from 'Chuck' that inspired the [surely ?] shout-out from Adam's character "What's he gonna do, hurt me with his mind ?" ? So the subject of a River homage in a show with Adam appears in a show with Summer. I think I can see cracks appearing in the fabric of the universe ;).
Hey, careful dropping a "favorite liaison to the senior partners" there. As I recall there was another equally likable, more female liaison to the senior partners...

Umm... rant over, happy birthday to Adam Baldwin, star of two of my favorite canceled series! (Yes, Day Break was actually quite good!)
And not to forget that Bonita Friedericy, Cordelia's dress shop boss on "Buffy" and Jasmine's assistant Patience on "Angel," plays Adam Baldwin's character's boss on "Chuck." That show is a Whedonverse tesseract or something ...
Happy Birthday, Adam!

I love how February and April are filled with birthdays of Whedonverse alums.
Hmmm. Does that mean that those of us with February birthdays have a statistically better shot at eventually finding employ for his Purpleyness? Niiiice.
Happy birthday, Adam!
Natanieletc, I'm backing away, hands in the air. Trust me, I would be the last person to dis Eve, I just mentioned the liason because Adam is one of Joss' crossover folks, and I didn't want to leave out one of his characters (although, I am wondering if Animal Mother and Jayne are related somehow). From what I have read and heard about him, Adam is such a decent person and hard worker on- and off-screen,it's hard not to have a man-crush on him. And admit it, sometimes it IS nice to have a few grenades...
Happy Birthday! I bought you a new Crown Vic, but I didn't know where to send it. dang.
Happy birthday, Adam!
Haha, no worries, bscpantherfan, it was a lighthearted comment based on the fact that "favorite" casually preceded the word "liason." I didn't actually mean it or anything.
Ad-am, the man they call Ad-am... Happy Birthday and many more!
Eve was likeable? Umkay...

Happy Birthday to Adam!
Judging from the amount of props and time that he has donated to charity, his heart must be as big as Jayne's and Hamilton's egos- put together!

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