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February 27 2008

An evening on the set of Angel. A fab account of a visit to the Angel set when the season 3 episode "Dad" was being filmed. Great reading for any Angel fan.

Thanks Simon.Very jealous to read that!:)

God I miss that show. Thank god for After the fall:)
That is a great and very thorough write-up. Good find, Simon.
Oh, what a treat! I need friends like that. The only thing I can compare it to, which wasn't nearly as meaningful as being on the Angel set would have been (though it had its moments as you'll see), was when I was about 22, 23 years old and knowing some people who'd directed me in plays, they knew a friend in L.A. who got us into MGM Studios for the day.

We were allowed to walk around, visit the gift shop. We were also allowed onto the set of Little House on the Prairie where Michael Landon was filming a scene with the little girl who played Nancy. Let's just say that Michael Landon was um, not what I expected having watched him as "Pa" all those years. He had a big puffy white shirt on and bleached blondish hair. He sort of glanced over and glared at us as we stood very quietly watching the scene play out a few times. Who was VERY nice was Richard Bull, who played Mr. Oleson. There were a lot of us standing around in the background watching and he said, "Hello, let me move so you can see what's happening." Very nice man.

When we were walking around the studio we saw exploded coffins from the filming of the first Poltergeist film stacked up outside a sound stage. That was very cool for me.

Then the big thing. We got to have lunch in the MGM commissary. All manner of people to look at, you would not believe it. As we waited to be seated which took awhile, a bunch of the cast of the TV show Fame came in and were being a bit raucous and excitable. How we knew it was them, I can't remember but we did. Then, Hollywood Royalty arrived. Cary Grant taking a meeting with Execs or something in a private room. Very tall and distinguished looking, that white head of hair, but obviously, you know, elderly at that point. One of the Fame kids called out sarcastically, "We still love you, Ca-ry" in a singsong voice. I was mortified and hoped Grant hadn't heard the assbag. That was pretty thrilling, seeing Grant. But being on the Angel set would have trumped that no problem.

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*sigh* I love Cary Grant.

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