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February 28 2008

Whedony nuggets from The Daily Show archives. Including interviews with DB, Aly, as well as Buffy news reports, even a mention of Joss by name.

I'm happy to post this now that the writers have a deal that pays them residuals for this content.

Try other search terms, like boreanaz (more interviews). Any others? (I can't find anything Firefly related.)

[ edited by jam2 on 2008-02-28 08:25 ]

Good stuff, cheers for that :).
Ha Ha! Love Boreanaz's Christopher Walken impression. Thanks!
Ah, there goes my evening, ta jam2 ;).

(if only I could hear them here, I could "waste" time trawling the archive at work like God intended, instead of at home)
And as someone who lives in the Philly area, and knows who DB's dad is, yes, the Action News theme song does rock. Even though I hate TV news.
I like that SMG interview... very cute.

Fun seeing the videos where Jon talks about Buffy. I didn't start watching the Daily Show until after Buffy was over, I think, so I never saw them before.
Ooh, nice find, jlp (bonus Joss mention).
Thanks for that, jam2. Brightened my day.
Jon Stewart is such a baby!!! (Just clicked on the SMG clip and haven't even gotten past the first second... just so amazed that he's changed this much in 9 years...)
All right, I click on the link, and all I get is something saying, "Please try your search again."

This saddens and frustrates me.
Two of my favourite things in the world, together at last! Thank you jam2.
That happened to me a few times UnpluggedCrazy, I had more success using Google to search on e.g. "Aly Hannigan Daily Show" then following the link (and clearing cookies also seemed to help) than I did using the actual site's search engine (which worked about 1 in 10 times).

Quite a few great clips though (I ended up going off on a Paul Rudd/Steve Carrell tangent at one point, highly amusing ;). And what the hell ? Jon Stewart was, like, 12 years old for about 35 years, who knew ? ;)

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