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February 28 2008

5th anniversary of Slayerlit! Slayerlit is celebrating its fifth anniversary, with new interviews from John Pasarella, a review of Buffy Omnibus 3, a new BTVS story from Christopher Golden getting its first exposure, and a contest to win a signed copy of the Buffy Omnibus #3. Stop on by and join the fun!

Five years is a long time for a fandom site, kudos.
Simon- the link seems broken. I cannot seem to fix- can you?
There we go, all fixed. Make sure you have http:// before your link when posting an entry.
Still a fan of this site after all these years - too bad the novels will no longer be coming out, they were a fun diversion (if not the finest literature I've ever read) and a great way to fall back into the Buffy-verse from time to time (well, we have the comics, but the novel-ettes took me more than 10 minutes to read through...)

Here's to 5 more years ;)
Thanks for supporting the site, Fromthecrypt...thanks for the 'thumbs up', Simon...and thanks to Dana for posting this!

Just wait until you see what I have planned for the 25th anniversary.... ;)

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