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February 29 2008

"Common Rotation - Wasted Words" - a music video directed by Amber Benson. The song has a really cool mellow 60s vibe to it. And of course there's the sheer gloriousness of watching Adam Busch's band being directed by our Amber.

Thanks Simon, that's one of my favourite Co-Ro songs and a lovely vid
Thats one of my favourite songs from Isalie too. The video really suited it! Well done Amber and well done the lads! Good effort!
Joining in with the CoRo love. That was a lovely video for one of my favorite songs.
I have checked their web site, myspace, and iTunes for a downloadable, higher res version of the video, but found one I have not. (Which could be survigational inaptitude on mypart).
Very well done, Common Rotation and Amber! Definite 60s vibe. I should know, I was around back then.
Not bad at all, I agree there's a sort of Simon and Garfunkel/Cat Stevens 60s/70s vibe to it and the video (with its "cue cards") is a fairly explicit nod to Bob Dylan and 'Subterranean Homesick Blues', surely ?

And what is it about snow ? The stuff is just poetic, no matter what you do with it (pure as the driven, every flake unique, virgin, expansive - it's kind of a blank canvas, no wonder Miss Smilla had a feeling for it ;).

(if I have even a tiny complaint it's that the mixing sometimes seemed a bit off-balance to me so that I couldn't always make out the words as clearly as i'd have liked)
I agree, Saje, the mixing was problematic. Perhaps it sounds better not coming out of You Tube...

I'd have to hear it in a more hi-fi version to really get a bead on the song, but it's pleasant enough.

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That was great. I felt more of a Shins/Sufjan vibe, with a twinge of early REM. Which is good stuff indeed. And Amber continues to blow me away with her multitalentuosity.
Ooh, new word :)
I like the word, as well. And I'm glad she gets to show it off.

I haven't played this yet, I grant.

Maybe if I get going on my screenplay and it gets made by a major studio she can be the AD as well as playing "the small but crucial part of Sue, Kim's exasperated schoolteacher girlfriend."

ETA; Just watched it, library computer, no sound...I think I missed the point as a result. Still e njoyed it.

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