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February 29 2008

Will the Watcher call you? Help Anthony & his partner Sarah Fisher raise money for their new charity, and maybe win a phone call from Anthony!

Anthony & Sarah are establishing Tilley Farm Trust, which will be based on their farm - they're going to rehabilitate wildlife, provide financial support to people who work in animal shelters and wish to travel overseas to learn TTouch (Sarah's a practitioner) to help the animals in their care, and also continue their foster puppy work.

Opening bid is 50 Pounds, and there is a reserve.

Very tangentially, whatever happened to the pencil campaign phone call from Joss? Did that ever happen?
That's so cool I'm almost choking on my own spit. It's not quite, but about the same dilemna as the Joss dinner during ComicCon. What the heck do you talk about? Without the physical presence I guess it would be a bit easier but still. What do you say to ASH? "Loved you as Frank N Furter." "Really, where did you see it?" "Ahhhh, I saw a YouTube... [crickets]. Have a list, I guess. Try not to stutter. If you wear glasses, clean them beforehand so you don't drop the phone trying to do that out of sheer nervousness.

Wish I had the bucks.
Tonya J Actually, he's very easy to talk to. He's a very sweet man, and he makes you completely comfortable right off.

If it were me I'd probably tell him I not only saw in theaters but now also own on DVD Imagine Me & You (And he'll probably tell me he's sorry like he did when I mentioned I'll Be There during the Q&A at MCB), that I really liked the personal message he wrote when he signed my copy of Sarah's book, that I finished the fic I'd told him about @MCB (And if he can't remember I'll say "Giles as vampire") and that Mr. Finch scared me.

And then I'll just...listen to him talk. Whatever he wants to say.
Nice. I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek when I wrote that Shadowquest because I can't imagine him being anything other than a sweetheart. You know, (imagine James Earl Jones voice here): Conversations With the Well-Known. ... "How was it for you?" "I don't know. I fainted and when I came to dribbled on his shoes."

It amuses me. I had dinner with Michael Fairman, not alone, but my inner frightened child did not emerge. So I know I can survive.

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Tonya J LOL! Great, now I've got James Earl Jones' voice in my head. (It's getting crowded in there.)

During the cocktail party @MotorCityBuffy one fan tried to bow to him. He got a bit uncomfortable with that. I can't remember if that's the same one who pretended to faint or not. But he doesn't like that kind of stuff. And I can't really blame him.

Did I mention he gives really good hugs?
Oh, MY! I can only imagine...
OOOOH! That makes me so sad he's not coming to paley then...I bet he would stay afterwards..... a girl can dream can't she?
Tonya J, dulce_serenidad If you ladies would like to see some of my pictures from Motor City Buffy (June '05) you can check my Webshots album.

Words cannot describe the awesomeness that is Tony Head - one of the attendees had won a jacket he wore in Season Five (I think it was the one from "Checkpoint") on eBay, and brought it & the COA to MCB. For her photo op she had him wear the jacket & hold the COA (W/out her in the shot) and then she gave it to him to auction off for one of his charities. He's auctioned a pair of Giles' glasses, one of Otto's horseshoes, and a couple years ago did a (sit down for this one) Valentine's Day phone call auction.

I really have to get on the ball and see if American Idol can get him involved for "Idol Gives Back" this year - last year's Emmy award-winning special raised $76 million, and had a very brief "OMG was that her?" cameo by SMG in the music montage.

If you'd like more on the hug, please email me. It's a bit...too personal to put out here on the board.
I think I'll let you keep your memories of the hug private, but thank you loads for sharing the photos. I LOVE Tony's earring in that side shot. And boy, Otto is one beautiful horse. I had a horse thing as many young girls do growing up and even competed in some horse shows, so Tony is so endearing to me that he rides.
That's one of my favorite pics I took. And the one I have of him "kicking up his heels" is actually on his site in the "public appearances" gallery.

Sarah told me in an email that the model I painted for them is on the shelf in the office of Tilley Farm, and whenever someone comes by and comments on it she tells them it was a gift from a fan. I have her book "Know Your Horse Inside Out" and it's personalized & signed by both of them - Tony told me to check out Otto's case history.

Sigh. Memories. Like Tony grabbing my friend's hand during the cocktail party 'cause she asked if she could at least get a handshake before he left, pulling her close & kissing her cheek. Riding, alone, in the elevator with him. I mean...totally alone. Just him & me, no PA, no one else. Both the shortest & longest elevator ride I ever had. (I'd ridden w/him & his PA the previous night, and rode w/him & Danny Strong on Sunday.)

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