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March 03 2008

Slayage Volume 25 - the Firefly edition. Tons of essays to read, with lots of issues to ponder on.

Thanks so much for this, Simon. If you click on "Conference Report", you find that while Firefly is apparently the main focus of this particular conference, there are also a number of papers on whedonverse themes from BtS and AtS as well, but they're still being edited.
This is material from the conference in Istanbul, it should yield some really interesting stuff.

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Hmmmm, this reminds me of another Firefly/Serenity project edited by Cochran and Wilcox, announced a while back:
Does anyone know whether this anthology is still at works?
I'm not sure which "conference report" Shey clicked on, but the one I read from the "Buffy Hereafter" conference in Istanbul, states, "We were quite surprised by the lack of papers on Firefly and Serenity." (emphasis added)

The Wilcox & Cochran Investigating Firefly & Serenity anthology is expected this year (2008)--one of the essays cites it. It's available for pre-order on now.
Thanks, Meave! I was beginning to worry that the antology has been cancelled. I'll go to right now. ;-)
In a fine example of Whedon-centric intertextuality, I noticed that Rebecca M. Brown's paper 'Orientalism in Firefly and Serenity' cites a story by Darkling on this very website about the Border Reivers who raided cattle and horses on the English-Scottish border.
Um, I just checked back & the "conference report" has disappeared, it was at the top of the linked page, last night???

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