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June 06 2003

The Good and The Great is how the Buffy and Angel season finales are described, respectively, by MSN.

Some decent criticisms of the Buffy finale, and two quotes from it make it to the best finale quotes of the year. But if Angel was great, why not give it more mention that two sentences?

"Do you rush to get home by 8 p.m. only to realize there's nothing for you to watch?" No. I've discovered the euphoria of and a CD-ROM/DVD player. If not for Angel season five next fall, I'd probably never watch network tv ever again.

Y'know, for not liking the Buffy finale, Amy Amatangelo sure had a lot to say: more to say about the Buffy finale than ANY other finale. I think actions speak louder than words here. A finale which inspires that much copy? The writer liked it more than she's admitting, and she's admitting to a lot.

What she didn't like? It wasn't long enough. Well, the best entertainers know to leave their audience wanting more, before they've worn out their welcome. And some argue that BtVS had been risking wearing out its welcome since season six.

What she didn't like? Time wasted "on characters who aren't in the opening credits." Xander had that mission from Buffy to protect Dawn. Willow had that white witch scene with Kennedy. Buffy almost died and came back to life again. If someone wants more time with the regular cast, try reruns. There's a lot of them to see for years to come in syndication.

I figured the scene between Faith & Wood was most significant because it was tying the past to the present. And hinting at some kinda future. Faith represents the series at its peak. Season three with her and the Mayor was arguably the series most at its element, when it could do no wrong. Wood represented the culmination of the slayer lineage. How things had come full circle. The son of a fallen slayer, now the equivalent of a modern day Watcher. I'm hoping that if Faith ever shows up in Angel's neck of the woods again, Wood's by her side, not as a lover necessarily, but as a friend and "administrative assistant." With occasional noogie on the side.

The finale did more than entertain for an hour. It gave the fans enough brain food to gnaw on for an entire summer, possibly even an eternity. How many fans out there now have already started working on some kind of Buffy Role Playing Game, where anyone can play a Slayer? The possibilities are infinite. That was Whedon's gift to his fans. Ms. Amatangelo is short-sighted.
As TVGal at, Ms. Amatangelo has always been one of BTVS great supporters so don't be too hard on her. Plus, I think she is right about most of the things she pointed out and what she did dislike in the finale, she dealt with in her ever-present good humor. I always love reading TVGal because it doesn't have a snarky bone in it's body.

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