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March 03 2008

"Buffy & Angel DVD collection" partwork official website. The UK-based Buffy/Angel Collection has its own website with plenty of information about the new DVD/magazine title.

Now what would be really cool is if someone combined the 2 shows on one disc in original air date time and order (except earshot, which should be in story order) so I wouldn't have to get up every 45 minutes to change the disc. :)
About time this was released.Cant believe Charmed was released before it lol

On the other hand...isn't just buying the DVDs season by season cheaper?It would be (in Euro anyway) around E15 for 3 or 4 eps, where as you can get a whole season now for around 25 euro. Nice packaging tho...
Buying the box-sets or individual seasons is much cheaper, you'd only buy this for the magazine - assuming they release all the episodes at 4 per issue and 8 a time it'd come to 288 just for Buffy or nearly 200 more than you can get the complete box-set for, if you shop around.

If the magazine's worth 200 to you or you're very rich/an obsessive completist/both then go for it ;).
:o What a rip off! My Angel box set is prettier anyway!
Sounds like what would happen if Time-Life offered all the Buffy/Angel episodes the way they used to offer volumes of encyclopedias on the Old West or the Paranormal...with a calendar as your free gift! Best to get the full box sets all at once.
Is the magazine content coming from the Watcher's Guides or the old Buffy/Angel magazines that Titan Books brought out?
i wish they could have this in the US
I think they're new articles based on old ones. There aren't any interviews and the quotes are familiar to my eye. The SMG article contains references to TMNT and Southland Tales, and her comment about returning to Buffy "if the script was good enough".
I guess these are completely new discs made just for the set? I counted and it looks like there are only 24 discs for Angel and 33 discs for Buffy. With those numbers there will even need to be a few discs with more than four episodes.

Maybe the new discs will get rid of those God-awful menu screens on Buffy :)
@Simon - I've asked them that question about the magazine by email - If I get a response I'll update here.
If I get a response I'll update here.

That'd be great.
I've just subscibed to it can't wait till it comes!!! : )

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