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March 03 2008

Nathan Fillion helps a fan propose. FX 2008 just posted some of the photos from last month's Orlando convention, including this wonderful set of a planned surprise proposal with our captain helping keep it sneaky.

(SPOILER) She said yes.

That's really cool. Good for them.
Our Cap'n's a great guy.

What a memory!
I second the "awwwwww" comment - that is so full of cute!
Awww. I love our Captain. :D
Aww that's so cool :) Congratulations are in order!
The facial expressions are priceless--her final image is that exact "My God, what else can go right" feeling, and her shock faces are awesome. And Nathan seems to have this "This is about to be awesome" face in the first two, which is hilarious.
Have to wait to watch it, but how long til Fillion actually becomes an ordained Minister performing the sneak-attack wedding right then and there?
So sweet. :-)
Tonya J It's just pics, dear, not a vid.

But I wanna know - who signed her chest??
ShadowQuest - I'm pretty sure that's Nathan's signature.
Arrrrg, pics. Thanks for helping the decrepit speed reader. Have to be careful with obvious pictures at work as well. That Fillion, writing on women's chests and such. What a great guy.
Something similar happened at the first/only Flanvention... Nathan called a girl in the audience up during a panel so her boyfriend could propose to her in front of the whole room. There was a bit of confusion though, as two girls had the same name (if I remember correctly.)
There was a bit of confusion though, as two girls had the same name (if I remember correctly.)

Okay, that's hilarious.
There was a bit of confusion though, as two girls had the same name (if I remember correctly.)

Jeez, you woudn't wanna be the other boyfriend ;).

That's really sweet, congratulations to the happy couple ;).

(I think the best photos are the "WTF ?" shocked look and the one after where Nathan is also clearly having a great time witnessing the moment, nice fella)
The Flan proposal is an easter egg on the Done the Impossible DVD. There's ways to find it out there, maybe on the DTI site. Here is one of my photos from the event.

Also, I'm pretty sure the 2nd person who said their name was the same was only joking. I think they thought it would get them closer to Nathan. :)
It was me, I admit it. I'm Kelly. But only at weekends.
I knew that wasn't peach fuzz, you owe me a Bacardi Breezer !
Yup, that's them. I remember the happy couple rocked "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" at karaoke that night, which is a damn long song to rock. But they pulled it off. A shining example of the power of twoo wuv.
Awwww thats really cute!
Heh, another event (Flanvention 2005) that you and I were both at, danregal, but where I mysteriously don't show up in any of your pictures (my cloaking device? well worth the money). . . but the proposal was a hoot, I remember well.

Best picture ever.
I remember that rockin' karaoke performance, too, Lady Brick. I was hoping that and Froggy's (the photographer)Wild Thing would show up somewhere for all to enjoy. And I second Tonya J's thought that it's only a matter of time before NF starts officiating at weddings. That would be fun to see.
Shouldn't officiating at weddings be Ron Glass's job. Oh, wait, a captain can do that to.
Aww that is just so sweet!

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